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Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬‬‬ Villages in ‪‎Taiwan

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Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬‬ Villages in ‪Taiwan

‬ ‪‎‬Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬ Villages are a breath of fresh air in Northern Taiwan. This Hakka Village is nestled on the side of a lush mountain. This delightful village is in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. As you cross the bridge, the tantalizing smells of Hakka cooking fill the air. Out of this humble village comes some of the most creative street foods in Northern Taiwan. Welcome to our Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬ Village! This tiny minority has found its nitch in the Night Markets of Hsinchu County. Hakka cuisine can be found throughout the island. Hakka cooking is on the rise. The textures and colors are inviting. The meat and fish are fresh. The use of herbs and flowers are amazing. It is time to cross the bridge. It is time to embark on a Hakka Adventure.

The Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬ are well-known for their creative cooking. Duck stuffed with glutinous rice is perhaps one of the best examples of the creativeness of the Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬. The duck is carefully cooked and then the bones are removed. All this, while taking care not to alter the basic shape of the duck. Then the cavity of the duck is filled with glutinous rice, seasoned with many herbs. What you have is not only good Hakka cooking but fresh creativity in the market.

A very popular snack for Taiwanese New Year is Fried pork with Fermented Tofu. This involves a two-part process and it a perfect example of some of the uniqueness of Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬ Cuisine. The pork is first marinated and then deep-fried. This process removes all the extra moisture from the meat. It is a type of preservation method. The pork is then stewed in water and Wood’s Ear Fungus. Fermented Tofu is then added. This is the Hakka version of fast food at the market. Some refer to it as the Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬ “canned soup.”

Our third example of Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬ cooking is Ngiong Tew Foo. This dish showcases the complexities of Aboriginal Hakka cooking. It is one of the most popular dishes throughout Taiwan. The origins of Ngiong Tew Foo runs deep within the Hakka community. Tofu cubes are taken and heaps of minced pork, salted fish and herbs are added. This is then fried until the Tofu cubes are a golden brown in color.  This is a fabulous example of the Hakka Cuisine of another time, brought into the present. It is delicious! It is a treat from the Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬ to Taiwan.

Whether you call Taiwan home, are an International traveler, or just someone seeking adventure, you will want to explore the cuisine of the Hakka.  Here on the other side of the bridge, you will discover delicious food, unique flavors, and Hakka creativity.  The Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬ community is waiting to share with you all the secrets of hundreds of years of cooking. They will tantalize your senses, tickle your taste buds, and expand your mind.   Today is the perfect day to embark on an Aboriginal ‪Hakka‬ Cooking Adventure. We can meet at the bridge!

Published on June 20, 2017 at:

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge Taitung, Taiwan