Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge
Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung,Taiwan

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge is a long foot bridge connecting the main island of Taiwan with Sanxiantai Island. Sanxiantai means “Platform of the three immortals.” Sanxiantai Island has three extremely large rocks on the island. It is these rocks that have spawned the many legends about three Chinese saints. Lu Dong Bin, the most widely known among the group of deities known as the Eight Immortals is said to have lived during the Tang Dynasty (AD750). Li TieGuai is said to have lived during the Western Zhou period, and is best known for his meditation practices. He Xian Gu was said to have lived during the 7th century AD. According to the Taoist legends she encountered the Immortal Lu Dong Bin who gave her a peach and told her, “You shall become an immortal if you eat it”.

Sanxiantai Island has a very unique shape. The area is best known for its long footbridge that connects the eastern coast of the main Island of Taiwan with the outer Island of Sanxiantai. The Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge was completed in 1987. Before this time the Island of Sanxiantai could only be reached during low tide. Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge has 8 segments that are designed in the shape of waves and resembles a prostrate sea dragon. Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge has become a famous landmark on Taiwan’s East Coast.

While at the Scenic Area you might enjoy spending a few minutes at the pebble beach, before walking across this eight arch bridge. Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge is a healthy walk, so plan on enjoying the beach, upon your arrival, resting up for the rest of your island adventure. After taking your short rest on the beach of Sanxiantai Island, you can then trek along the many trails of the island. The main trail takes about 2 hours to walk at a moderate walking speed, taking time to sightsee along the way. If you are planning on making this trek, remember to wear proper shoes, not beach flip flops! The many rocks are fascinating and there is a beautiful lighthouse on the other side of the island. Enjoy the many protected areas of rock and native palms that live and flourish on Sanxiantai. And, remember to save a little energy for the walk back across the bridge to the Scenic Area.

I hope to see you soon at the Sanxiantai Daragon Bridge. Please check out our web site for other articles on the eastern coast of Taiwan.

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