Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge Taitung, Taiwan

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Dragon Bridge " width="809" height="540" /> Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung, Taiwan


Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge is a long footbridge connecting the main island of Taiwan with Sanxiantai Island. Sanxiantai means “Platform of the three immortals.” Sanxiantai Island has three extremely large rocks on the island. It is these rocks that have spawned the many legends about three Chinese saints. Lu Dong Bin, the most widely known among the group of deities known as the Eight Immortals is said to have lived during the Tang Dynasty (AD750). Li TieGuai is said to have lived during the Western Zhou period and is best known for his meditation practices. He Xian Gu was said to have lived during the 7th century AD. According to the Taoist legends she encountered the Immortal Lu Dong Bin who gave her a peach and told her, “You shall become an immortal if you eat it”.

三仙台ドラゴンブリッジは、台湾本島と三仙台島を結ぶ長い歩道橋です。 Sanxiantaiは「3つの不滅のプラットフォーム」を意味します。Sanxiantai島には島に3つの非常に大きな岩があります。三人の中国人聖人についての多くの伝説を生み出したのはこれらの岩石です。 8人の不滅として知られている神々のグループの中で最も広く知られている陸洞箱は、唐時代(AD750)の間に住んでいたと言われています。李TieGuaiは、周周西部時代に住んでいたと言われており、彼の瞑想の実践で最もよく知られています。彼は西安区は7世紀に住んでいたと言われていました。道教の伝説によれば、彼女は彼女に桃を与えた不死のLu Dong Binに出会い、「あなたがそれを食べるならあなたは不滅になるであろう」と言った。

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge
Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan

Sanxiantai Dragon bridge in Taitung, Taiwan

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge is a beautiful walk of good luck to Sanxiantai Island in Taiwan.


Sanxiantai Island has a very unique shape. The area is best known for its long footbridge that connects the eastern coast of the main Island of Taiwan with the outer Island of Sanxiantai. The Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge was completed in 1987. Before this time the Island of Sanxiantai could only be reached during low tide. Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge has 8 segments that are designed in the shape of waves and resembles a prostrate sea dragon. Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge has become a famous landmark on Taiwan’s East Coast.

三仙台島は非常にユニークな形をしています。この地域は台湾本島の東海岸と外灘の三仙台を結ぶ長い歩道橋で最もよく知られています。三仙台ドラゴンブリッジは1987年に完成しました。この時期以前は、三仙台島は干潮時にしか到達できませんでした。 Sanxiantai Dragon Bridgeには、波の形をした8つのセグメントがあり、前立腺の海の龍に似ています。三仙台龍橋は台湾の東海岸で有名なランドマークとなっています。

sanxiantai dragon bridge island
Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan Area

Sanxiantai Dragon bridge in Taitung, Taiwan

Coral rock and reefs Sanxiantai Island tail in distance

コーラル・ロックとサンゴ礁 Sanxiantai 島の尾の距離

Rugged coral reefs and volcanic rock along the beaches of Taitung County Taiwan
Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan Area

Rugged coral reefs and volcanic rock along the beaches of Taitung County TaiwanScrew pine(Pandanus fascicularis)


While at the Scenic Area you might enjoy spending a few minutes at the pebble beach, before walking across this eight-arch bridge. Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge is a healthy walk, so plan on enjoying the beach, upon your arrival, resting up for the rest of your island adventure.

After taking your short rest on the beach of Sanxiantai Island, you can then trek along the many trails of the island. The main trail takes about 2 hours to walk at a moderate walking speed, taking time to sightsee along the way. If you are planning on making this trek, remember to wear proper shoes, not beach flip flops! The many rocks are fascinating and there is a beautiful lighthouse on the other side of the island. Enjoy the many protected areas of rock and native palms that live and flourish on Sanxiantai. And, remember to save a little energy for the walk back across the bridge to the Scenic Area.

風光明媚なエリアにいる間、あなたはこの8アーチ橋を渡って歩く前に、小石のビーチで数分を過ごすのを楽しむかもしれません。 Sanxiantai Dragon Bridgeは健康的な散歩ですので、ご到着時にビーチを楽しんだり、島の冒険の残り時間を休んでください。 Sanxiantai島のビーチで少し休んだ後は、島の多くの遊歩道を散策できます。メイントレイルは中程度の歩行速度で歩くのに約2時間かかり、途中で観光客に時間がかかります。このトレッキングを計画している場合は、ビーチサンダルではなく、適切な靴を履いてください。たくさんの岩が魅力的で、島の反対側には美しい灯台があります。 Sanxiantaiで暮らし、繁栄する、保護された岩石やヤシの木の保護地域をお楽しみください。そして、橋を渡って風光明媚なエリアに戻る散歩のために少しエネルギーを節約することを忘れないでください。

sanxiantai dragon bridge island plants
Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan Area

Local wild Ripe fruit of the Screw pine (Pandanus fascicularis) The fruit is sometimes known as hala fruit. The local plant as you walk through in this area. Screw pine(Pandanus fascicularis)


Visiting the unique architecture of this bridge and the area in which it stands provides a culture opportunity. Taiwan does have a strong Chinese culture but with a unique aboriginal culture as well. The combination of ideas and religion are though out this area and the dragon bridge gives us an example of this cultural fusion taking place in Taiwan. Once you get done make sure to head back to the mainland for some wonderful seafood dishes that you can only get in this area.


Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan Area Food

taiwan food dish
Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan Area Food

Eat Special Aboriginal Meals close by


Hot and Spicy Chili Crab
Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan Area Food

Hot and Spicy Chili Crab


The area is also full of stories, and Sanxiantai is rich in strong ecological heritage and is the best habitat for local maritime birds. There are rock herons between that inhabit the area in the summer with many opportunities to spot them in the morning.

There is plenty of fish in the nearby waters that are abundant within this area. Local seafood on shore always has a fresh catch and vendors are ready to fix you a local flavored meal. It is also a famous fishing ground and protected fishery for the Taiwan fishing enthusiasts. "Coastal plants such as Lintou, Baishuimu, and Bindoudou can be found around on the island. They are important research areas for studying coastal plant ecology, and the area is listed as a nature reserve. From the southern tip of the island to the waters of Keiji, there are beautiful coral reefs with tropical fish, and Taiwan's endemic species "Taiwan silk coral" that live under the sea. Sanxiantai is a beautiful location along the Huadong coastline and a great place to relax and to enjoy nature." (1. 台東觀光旅遊網)

この地域は物語でいっぱいです、そして、Sanxiantaiは強い生態学的遺産に富んでいて、そして地元の海の鳥のための最高の生息地です。夏の間はその地域に生息するロックヘロンが目にする機会が多くあります。この地域に豊富にある近くの水域にはたくさんの魚がいます。岸辺の地元の魚介類は常に新鮮な獲物があり、仕入先はあなたに地元の風味のある食事を提供する準備ができています。台湾の釣り愛好家のための有名な漁場であり保護された漁場でもあります。 「島内にはLintou、Baishuimu、Bindoudouなどの沿岸植物があります。これらは沿岸植物の生態を研究するための重要な研究地域であり、この地域は自然保護区として指定されています。島の南端から水域まで京成には、熱帯魚のいる美しいサンゴ礁と、海の下に生息する台湾固有種の「台湾シルクサンゴ」があります。 (1.台東觀光旅遊網)

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan Area Fishing

taiwan fish market
Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan Area Fishing

 Local fish and fisherman (Tuna)

地元の魚と漁師 (マグロ)

Local Native Folklore


As per the information from over at Kuriositas, we have the local folklore, and can better understand why the bridge was even created. Kuriositas

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan Area 

dragon bridge island folklore
Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan

"Sansiantai is, as you might imagine, is saturated in folklore. The three enormous rocks making up the island's most conspicuous feature long ago gave rise to a native myth that three of China's Eight Immortals once chose the island for a place to rest.  Even the name of the island translates to the Terrace of the Three Immortals. Lu, Tung-pin, Iron Crutch Li, and He, Xian-gu were the names of these great sages.  After they had taken their rest they left three footprints.  These are the three massive rocks dominate the small uninhabited island. The island was once connected by a neck of land to the rest of Taiwan but over the millennia this wore away" (2 Kuriositas)

「あなたが想像するように、Sansiantaiは民間伝承で飽和しています。ずっと前に島の最も顕著な特徴を構成する3つの巨大な岩は中国の8つのImmortalsのうちの3つが休む場所のために一度島を選んだというネイティブの神話を引き起こしました。島の名前は三不滅隊のテラスと言い換えられます、呂、桐pin、鉄の松葉李、そして彼、西安区はこれらの偉大な賢人の名前で、彼らが休んだ後、彼らは3つの足跡を残しました。この島はかつて台湾の他の地域と首を結ぶところでつながっていましたが、これは千年の間かけ離れたものでした」(2 Kuriositas)

dragon bridge island far side
Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan Area

Mountains in the bay.


I hope to see you soon at the Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge. Please check out our web site for other articles on the eastern coast of Taiwan.

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridgeでお会いしましょう。台湾東海岸に関するその他の記事については、当社のWebサイトをご覧ください。

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung, Taiwan 


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