Alaska: America’s Last Frontier

Alaska: America’s Last FrontierAlaska: America’s Last Frontier

Alaska: America’s Last Frontier

Alaska: America’s Last Frontier

Alaska, the land of hope and dreams. It is so beautiful when the ice begins to form in the fall. In Alaska, you can still set up an urban homestead or a homestead in the far North. You can still live off the land. This is the land of ice and snow, where only the hardy survive. If you must go outside often, then you will not make it. Travel is expensive and the summer is when you prepare for the winter. How can you travel the world and prepare for the long hard winters? Here people live like preppers every day. Not to prepare, can mean disaster.
Living in the far North requires a mind-set of independence and self efficiency. There will be no 7-11 on the corner to run to, for a loaf of bread. Your loaf of bread will come from the abundant supply of flour that you ordered  for the winter, and the work of your own hands. Everything your family may need for an entire year must be planned and bought before the ice builds up. A mistake can mean that you must have supplies flown in, and that is expensive.

The far Northern areas of Alaska are areas where building codes do not apply. But common sense will tell you that you want to do quality work. The safety of your family depends on the care you take in the building of your site. If you have a creek or river, you might be able to use hydropower for part of the year. A calm day will mean no wind energy, if you are thinking of a wind mill. Most days are sunny and cold, so solar works well for the most part. If you use wood and propane, it will help you to stretch the electrical use. Always have a back up system and a good generator is a must.

Rain barrels are a practical way of catching water. No matter if you get your water from the rain or the river, consider a “Big Ben Water Filter system.” It works excellent and needs no electricity to work. Clean water is a must and wells can be very expensive the further north you settle.

You also must have a way to take care of disposing of waste that is healthy. Composting toilets are acceptable in most regions of the far North. Septic tanks would need to be set up in the areas closer to towns. No matter what the system, setting it up correctly and making no mistakes is of prime importance.

Alaska is an awesome place to explore. As the ice and snow builds up, you will discover other ways of getting around. This of course, depends on where you choose to live. If you are thinking of making Alaska your home, spend some time here first. Make sure that you have the mindset to handle the long dark winters. Alaska is fun! Alaska is like no other place in America. If you have a mind-set of independence and self efficiency, it is sure to be a good match. Take time to explore this frontier, to meet the people, and get a feel for the land. Then you can decide if it is a match for you, or a fantastic place to vacation only. Check our website for Alaskan destinations. Make this the year you visit America’s Last Frontier.

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