Alaska Is A World Of Giant Vegestables

Imagine a Rutabaga That Weighs 82.90 Pounds

Alaska is a far northern state where the snow and ice has become a legend.Temperatures fall well below zero, and the diligent, shovel snow daily during a lot of the year.  Snow-capped mountains and icebergs loom in the shadows. So what’s with these mega vegetables that show up at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, Alaska? Are people growing them inside their homes? Are they a special breed of vegetable? What is happening in the land of the midnight sun?

The year of 1936 marked the beginning of the Alaska State Fair. Here in Palmer, during this time, you will see enormous  vegetables, magnificent flower gardens, and many native crafts. The growing season is a scant 3 months, so how does this happen? It is all made possible by the midnight sun. The vegetables grow all day and all night. This amazing garden season produces the best of the best.

Can you pass the radish Please? 

While at the Alaska State Fair, check out all of the concerts and native culture events. Not only are the vegetables huge, but the entertainment is amazing.   Take time to enjoy a piece of Alaska Native culture. Everyday is a new day at the Alaska State Fair.

The Grand Prize Winner!

These young people are more than happy to be the next grand prize winner.  They work hard all summer long, and the sun shines for almost 24 hours a day. That is a major help for all these young people who hope to come out on top.

Your never too young to be the winner. 

Take your backpack and grab the family. Now is the time and this is the place.  It is time for an Alaska State Fair adventure.



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