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Exploring the Natural Wonders: Must-See Destinations in Alberta

Alberta is the land of natural surroundings, inspiring beauty, and breathtaking landscapes. The natural wonders like glaciers, foothills, waterfalls, and mountains here await your discovery. Starting from the adventurous activities in Lake Louise to Ram Falls, the place boasts an abundance of must-see destinations that can take you in awe. 

Tighten your belt as you get mesmerized by the beauty of Alberta. Whether you are looking for adventurous activities or want to spend some time in nature’s splendor, coming to Alberta is one of the best choices you can make. Let’s explore the list of must-see destinations in Alberta.  

Alberta natural wonders
Exploring the Natural Wonders: Must-See Destinations in Alberta 3

Lake Louise 

If you are looking to put an end to your inner adventurous personality, you can’t miss out on visiting this world-class resort. It is famous to such an extent that it hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics. You can delve into endless adventure activities right here at Lake Louise Ski Resort, like snowshoe tours, ski and snowboarding, hiking trails, e-biking rentals, and skijoring. The list is endless. The lake freezes in the winter, making it all the more beautiful and suitable for outdoor skating. In the summer, it is famous for the hike to the Lake Agnes Tea House Trek, which is 3.5km. 

Banff National Park

Located in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park is the oldest national park of Canada that came into existence in 1885. You can see incredible views and glacier lakes if you have decided to come here. The mountain peaks of Banff National Park tower with the turquoise lakes beside Lake Louise, Canadian Rockies, and alpine meadows. You need to keep certain rules in mind while visiting this national park: Don’t feed the wildlife, don’t take anything out of the park, and all dogs are required to remain leashed every time. 

The Northern Lights 

One of the most exclusive natural wonders of Alberta is northern lights. If you are an astrophile or selenophile, you must include northern lights in your bucket list. The best season to witness the natural wonder of northern lights starts from late fall through winter, roughly from the end of August to the middle of May. Install the Aurora Alert application on your smartphone to monitor real-time auroral activity and set up notifications so that you are notified about the possibility of seeing northern lights or when they are at their peak. 

Lake Minnewanka

The largest lake in Banff National Park is Lake Minnewanka, which stretches over 21 km and reaches a depth of 466 feet. The name “Minnewanka” is derived from the Stoney Nakoda First Nations people, which means “Water of the Spirits”. It is highly recommended to indulge in boat tours on this lake during the summer months. On the other hand, in winter, you can try cross-country skiing and ice fishing. The forest around this lake is full of wildlife like bears, elk, mule deer, and wolves, and an abundant birdlife population. Nearly 8000 divers dive into this lake every year to see the submerged resort. 

Canmore Rat Caves

Canmore rat caves in Alberta require an experienced tour guide. Earlier, it was a coal mining town, but now it is an outdoor lover’s playground. Take time to visit this natural wonder if you are a rock-climbing freak. Rock climbing is a famous activity here in the summer, while ice climbing is famous in winter. You will get an adrenaline rush by exploring the incredible history of the cave as you climb past 7,000-year-old animal bones and ancient cave formations. 

alberta night camping
Exploring the Natural Wonders: Must-See Destinations in Alberta 4

Ram falls

The next natural wonder for Albertans is Ram Falls Provincial Park, where you can come across some beautiful waterfalls and run into some big horned sheep. It is a quiet weekend getaway where you can relax and enjoy the views. Ram Falls Campground is located 65 km south of Nordegg, where campers can have a rustic experience away from the hustle and bustle of life. There is no drinking water or firewood available on site. So, bring an ample supply of firewood if you are visiting Ram Falls, as evening can get quite chilly here. Also, bring a map with you because the cellphone reception is limited. 

Columbia Ice fields and Athabasca glacier

Visiting Columbia Ice Fields and Athabasca Glacier is like witnessing the awe-inspiring scenes. Traveling to the Athabasca Glacier means seeing a 10,000-year-old sheet of ice where you can walk on, feel and drink from the glacier. Every moment that you spend here ignites your spirit of adventure. Lace up your boots and pack your things to enjoy the expedition to this natural wonder. 

To make a long story short 

Exploring natural wonders in Alberta is a stupendous way to seek the spirit of adventure. Let yourself dive into the majestic vistas of nature and make some unforgettable and amazing memories. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and ignite your wanderlust by visiting Alberta.