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How to apply for a Turkey Visa from Dubai

From Dubai to Turkey- Successful Visa Application Secrets

Are you a Dubai inhabitant and wish to tour Turkey for its unsurpassed beauty, elegant archaic aura, delectable food, Turkish baths, and the mecca for history as well as art lovers, gorgeous beaches, off-beat attractions, and outstanding archaeological sites waiting to unfold. Yes, you can and to experience all this and more firsthand, the first and foremost requisite is getting a Turkey visa from Dubai. Now endless questions will fill your mind what is it, how to apply it, and so on? Fret not, this article will have your queries covered. 

Understanding Turkey Visa 

A Turkey visa authorized by the government of Turkey permits Turkey’s visit to a traveler within a restricted period as per the visa applied for. It is classified into business, transit, work & student visa. 

  • Business Visa-collaborations & business meetings for short-term. 
  • Transit Visa-reach another destination passing via Turkey. This again is for the short term, the visa holder can enjoy a short-term stay in the country 
  • Work Visa- To work here, having this visa coupled with a Turkey work permit is a mandate. 
  • Student Visa- for study and academics in the country 
Unrecognizable person is about to stamp on passport where a visa is visible.
How to apply for a Turkey Visa from Dubai 3

Required Documents 

  • Passport holding as little as 6 months authority 
  • Accurately and meticulously filled application form 
  • Passport-size photo with white backdrop 
  • Accommodation Proof (letter of invitation/hotel reservation)
  • Confirmed flight itinerary (round-trip)
  • Financial Evidence (sponsorship letter, bank statements, or evidence of job)
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Last pension amount proof & retirement documentation original (if retired)

Photo Requirements 

  • Size- measuring 5×6 cm 
  • Backdrop- plain white 
  • Status- recent (up to last 6 months)
  • Clarity- Clear 
  • Position- look straight at the camera 
  • Gear caps/hats are a big NO 
  • Glasses-no photo with glasses 
  • Color & Quality-high quality color, clear full face coverage sans red-eye 

Minors Document Requirements 

  • Consent letter notarized via both mother and father, plus copies of each parent’s UAE residence visa as well as passport (if applied via both)
  • Consent letter notarized via concerned parent together with a copy of his/her UAE residence visa as well as passport (if applied via a single parent)
  • A consent letter despite not being a joint application together with a copy of the father’s as well as the mother’s UAE residence visas as well as passports (if the mother and father are not together). 
  • A content letter from both father and mother despite having divorced parents 
  • Submission of the deceased parent’s death certificate (if any is deceased)

Application Procedure 

Via Turkey Government Website

  • Visit the official site of the Turkish government 
  • Read guidelines 
  • Create an account (should the need be)
  • Fill the form completely and accurately 
  • Upload the aforementioned documents 
  • Review & submit 
  • Pay the applicable visa fees 
  • Await the confirmation 
  • If the need be opt for a follow up 

Post approval of the application, you will receive the e-visa in your mail inbox. Take a printout of the same and provide the same to the officials of Turkish immigration once reaching Turkey. It holds multiple entry validity and lets a visitor reside here for a period covering 90-180 days. 

Passengers going trough security check at the airport
How to apply for a Turkey Visa from Dubai 4

Via Turkey Application Center 

Secondly, the applicant may visit UAE’s Turkey Application Center. Here the experts will handle everything from verifying the documents up to submission of the same. This procedure is a plus for the accessibility of expert assistance. Simply follow the VAC’s instructions carefully. 

  • Prepare required documents 
  • Fill the form legibly as well as accurately 
  • Schedule an appointment at the Turkey Application Center 
  • Pay the required fee for visa application 
  • Attend the appointment on the date scheduled 
  • Submit the application coupled with the requisite documents 
  • Provide biometric data 
  • Track the application through the tracking number 
  • Be patient with processing 
  • Once intimated about approval, pick up the passport from the center 
  • Fly to Turkey 

Processing Times 

The processing time (standard time) for a Turkey visa is 1-2 weeks. Sometimes some delay may be likely taking up to about a month as per any complexity associated with the application. It is highly suggestive in commencing the process of visa application for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the set date of travel. 

Final Words 

If you are all ready for an excursion to Turkey, getting the visa is undeniably the topmost priority for a journey sans any glitches. Familiarizing the Turkey visa requisites, picking the most idyllic type, and diligently following the process in its entirety will pave the way for simpler tour preparations. Make it a point to gather all fundamental documentation and proofs, pick an application approach that suffices your convenient needs, remain up to date concerning your visa inclusive of the visa fees, and you are sorted. Prepare wisely, and travel happily. Turkey awaits!!!