Alaskan Snow Capped Mountains

Snow Capped Mountains Of Alaska
Snow Capped Mountains Of Alaska

Alaskan Snow Capped Mountains

Alaskan Snow capped mountains  are a sight to behold. Can you imagine waking up and looking out the window and seeing this? It is breathtaking! It is awesome! It is Alaskan snow capped mountains!
The beautiful Chugach Mountain Range is fabulous to behold. It stands tall and mighty just south of Anchorage. The glacier-covered Kenai Mountains run along the Gulf side of the peninsula. These beautiful mountains are over 7,000 ft tall. There is nothing like looking out and seeing the mountains standing tall and the glaciers sparkling in the morning sun. This is Alaska—“The Land of the Midnight Sun.” This is Alaska—where the glaciers sparkle all night long!
The Kenai Peninsula has many glaciers that call the eastern and southern side of the peninsular home. The Sargent Ice-field and the Harding Ice-fields  are only two of these beautiful mountain icefields. Alaska’s snow capped mountains are home to many smaller glaciers that have broken off from the main fields. There is nothing like standing on a glacier and looking across the immense field of ice. You feel like you are just a speck in the vastness of this untouched winter playground. Then you can look up and stare at Alaska’s snow capped mountains. They  appears to be tall and endless. These mountains appear untouched and clean all year long. Their raw beauty adds to the adventure. If you are adventurous and hardy, you can join a climbing tour or take a walk on the glacier field. There are special tours that cross the ice fields. The proper safety equipment is furnished when you take a group tour.
Whether you choose to explore the ice fields or to admire their beauty from afar, the Alaskan snow capped mountains  are waiting for you. Take time in 2015 to see America’s last frontier. Ford the streams and fish in the beautiful lakes. Hike the mountain trails and enjoy the cool brisk morning air. Take a cruise up the Inside Passage and admire the Alaskan snow capped mountains. While there, book a seat on the White Pass and  Yukon Railway. Follow the same trails that the pioneers did during the gold rush. There is nothing like Alaska and it is here in your neighborhood. So come on up North and see the Alaskan snow capped mountains.
White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad – Skagway, Alaska………

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