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Aloe Vera And Your Health

Aloe Vera
Flowering Aloe Vera spikes in sunny Southern California USA

The Many Uses Of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known as the Heal All herb, as it is good for so many different conditions, both internal and external. Aloe Vera is great for detoxing and helps rid the body of wastes that should not be there. It helps to clear up a teenagers greatest nightmare, acne.  It helps to  alleviate a woman’s greatest challenge in menopause, hot flashes. Besides being beautiful when it blooms, it is one of the most important member of any garden. If you like morning breakfast drinks, it is easy to add Aloe Vera Juice to your morning drink.

Aloe Vera supports the immune system in the body and seems to lower inflammation in the body. Too much inflammation in the body can be a partial cause to asthma, eczema and Crohn’s disease. Many believe that regular use of Aloe Vera can slow inflammation and possibly slow down or prevent these other diseases from taking hold in the body.

Some of the tests being done on Aloe Vera show that there is some evidence of a possible connection to lowering cholesterol, helping  with digestion, and possibly helping to regulate blood sugar. Regular use may suggest a possible connection in the fight to eliminate obesity.

It also seems to work with injured nerves in the body and have a restorative effect on damaged nerves. It is extremely high in vitamins A,B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E, and folic acid. It also has high levels of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium,  selenium, potassium, and zinc.

As a beauty product Aloe Vera works wonders with hair. One way of using it is to scrap out the inner part of the leaf and add it to the hair instead of using conditioner. Leave in hair for a few minutes and then rinse. Another way to do it is to apply ahead of the shower and then leave on the hair for an hour or so while you clean house. Then you can shower as normal. Regular use works wonders for the hair. If you want healthy hair, try aloe.

It is also great for the skin, soothes burns and takes the pain out. Probably more people are familiar with the use of the gel on burns. It takes the sting out of any burn. It is also great for re-hydrating skin. Aloe Vera is perhaps one of the best beauty products on the market. It certainly works the fastest of anything I have tried on burns. If you grow your own, it is the cheapest burn aid on the market. Just split a piece of a leaf and rub on skin.

Using Aloe Vera is amazing, but there are some guidelines. Be sure to check with your doctor before using internally. It is strongly suggested that you use an organic juice for all internal use. There has not been any known side-effects when using the juice according to directions. It is often easy to get too much of the inner leaf  and it has been known to cause diarrhea. It can work as a laxative if you get too much in some people.

Aloe Vera is easy to grow and will grow inside or out. It is an amazing plant!  It is good and beautiful to have in the garden. So while visiting California, check out the Aloe Vera and all the amazing uses. Learn all you can and be prepared for that next burn.

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