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Ancient Roman City Of Jerash


Ancient Roman City Of Jerash

The ancient Roman city of Jerash is located approximately 30 miles north of the capital city of Amman, Jordan. The ancient Roman city was destroyed by an earthquake in the year 749. In latter years there were subsequent earthquakes and many local wars. It was totally destroyed and completely buried. The ruins of this ancient Roman City remained completely buried for hundreds of years. What a treasure was laying buried in the ground!

The ruins were discovered by  Ulrich Jasper Seetzen in the early 1800’s. Excavation was started and life returned to modern Jerash. Many of the local population returned to inhabit Jerash from older villages. This was followed by many Muslims and latter Circassians.  A large number of people from Syria came to live in Jordan in the latter 1900’s.  Jordan, with its cold mountain climate and fertile valleys, provided richly for the people. Almost anything will grow in Jordan!

The ruins of this ancient Roman city of Gerasa, also called the “Antioch on the Golden River,” are some of the best preserved throughout the Near East. They are marvelous! What a delight it is to climb and walk through this ancient Roman city. The foundation of the city is amazing. This massive foundation was built by Alexander the Great and his general,Perdiccas. Jerash is considered one of the most important sites to see in Jordan. The massive columns and pillars are unbelievable. Imagine how well built this city was, to survive all this years. Would our modern cities do as well?   This ancient Roman city is well preserved! It is perhaps the best preserved Roman city outside of Italy, it’self. Because of it’s  marvelous condition, many tourists are drawn to Jerash each year. What a privilege it is to see this amazing ancient Roman city. There is so much to see in Jerash!  It is completely possible to spend the whole day in this ancient Roman City.

What a delight Jerash, Jordan is! Because of the desert heat, it is good to rise early. Have you considered watching the sunrise over this ancient city? What an amazing sight! Muted tones of orange and red over the ancient streets! Spend the morning walking streets of an ancient time. How fresh the early morning desert air is! So grab your coffee and join us on the streets of this ancient city of Jerash. But hurry, it is almost time for the sun to rise!

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