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Animals At Work And Play Around The World

Animals At Work And Play Around The World

When The Camels And Their Owners Are  Not Busy…..It Is Time To Laugh

Camels are used as Transportation throughout the Middle East. Here are camels that are used to transport adventurers to the top of Petra, in Jordan. When these camels are not busy, both they and their handlers take time to play. This handler had talent and brought many smiles to those watching.

Animals At Work And Play Around The World2

ExploreTraveler Team On An Aventure In Petra, Jordan

The Exploretravler Team, like other adventurers, often us the local means of travel when climbing ruins or trekking long distances. Camels are considered the ships of the desert.

Animals At Work And Play Around The World3

Resting From Their Labors In The Wadi Rum Desert Of Jordan

Working camels work hard and the handlers know that they need frequent breaks in the hot desert climate. These camels are taking advantage of a much deserved break.

Animals At Work And Play Around The World4

 Nomadic Bedouin Cowboys Of The Jordan Desert 

In the hot deserts, they do use old pick-up trucks to patrol the desert, but there are many places that only the animals can safely get too.  This is a patrol of Bedouin Cowboys riding the desert, keeping law, and keeping it safe. They are a major part of the local law-enforcement in the desert.

Animals At Work And Play Around The World5

 Horse Trekking To The Top Of The Active Taal Volcano In The Philippines 

Many people choose to trek to the top of the volcano, but others are not able to make the climb. These horses are provided for adventurers that are not wanting, or simply can not, make the climb to the Taal Volcano in The Philippines.

Animals At Work And Play Around The World6

 Brothers Work And Play With Their Carabao Water Buffalo In The Philippines  

These brothers were given a young Carabao Water Buffalo. The children and the buffalo are raised together and become best friends.  Then as they both grow, they learn to work, travel, and play together.

Animals At Work And Play Around The World7

 The Good Luck Of A Mahout And His Elephant In Kanchanaburi Thailand. 

Much like the Water Buffalo in the Philippines, when a young boy is small he is given his elephant. He cares for it, often sleeps in the stable at night and the two grow close. As they grow, they will learn to work as a team in Thailand. The child becomes a Mahout and the Elephant grows up with him. Long before the child is a man, they will begin to work. This same Elephant will be his best friend throughout life. They will become a bonded adult working team for the rest of their lives.

Animals At Work And Play Around The World8

This team Is Racing In The Iditarod Race In Alaska USA

The teams are shown racing here, but at other times in Northern Alaska they provide transportation of goods to those who live in the back country and also provide humanitarian services as needed. Though the snowmobile has taken over a lot of what they used to do, there are some places that only the dogs can get too. In emergencies that happen during white out blizzard conditions, the handler can safely trust his trained dogs to stay on the path to safety.

Working Animals Around The World

Many of us may not think of animals as workers, but they are used for many things. Seeing Eye dogs are maybe the most common, though that is changing as they are being used as companion dogs for the elderly, hearing dogs, diabetic dogs, seizure dogs, balance dogs for those with difficulty walking,  and some are using small horses and other animals for some of the above. On ranches, dogs and llamas guard flocks and dogs herd the sheep and goats.

All over the world people have used animals as companions and co-laborers in many challenging places. These are just a few of our photos of animals, and their handlers,  at work, rest, and play.



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