Apples Daily….Keep The Doctor Away

Granny Smith apples in Yakima Washington
Granny Smith apples in Yakima Washington

Apples Daily….What Will It Do?

“Apples daily….keeps the doctor away” The amazing apple is full of so many nutrients. It is almost a complete medicine cabinet on its own.

Apples daily will help keep those pearly white teeth healthier and whiter. No, you can not ditch the toothbrush, but biting and chewing on one of Yakima’s fine apples will do wonders for your systemarrow tooth decay.

Mice who were fed their apple a day in the formarrow to pay to protect your brain.

People whoarrow!

Apples daily can reducearrow told you.

Women who eat an applearrow house in one simple fruit.

Gallstones form when there is too much Cholesterol in your bile for it to run as a liquid. Cut down on Cholesterol and cut the risk for gallstones. Now what a simple solution for the ails of man. The fibre in applesarrow.  When you control what your bowls do, and you are not straining so much, you can also avoid hemorrhoids. What a win-win situation!

Applesarrow.  Would anyone like a nice crisp organic apple?

One of the best things you can eat to detoxarrow and you will catch fewer colds and flu as they flood the office.

Lastly,  all fruits help to prevent cataracts when eaten daily by 10%-15%. Apples are one of the best. So keep your eyes healthy with apples daily. Don’t forget to eat organic apples and always eat the skin.  Apples daily…..keeps the doctorarrow away!







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