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Are You A Tourist Or A Traveler


“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain

Are you a tourist or a traveler?

When traveling we need to understand the differences between being a tourist and being a traveler. Their intentions, expectations and experiences are very different.

Here are some observations identifying a tourist.

Tourism is the more expensive form of travel, it involves staying in nicer hotels, where you can get western amenities newspapers, western breakfast, and a concierge helping to lead you safely away from danger and sometimes your adventure. This type of holiday, although very relaxing and tremendously enjoyable, will disconnect you from where you are. You are provided with so many luxuries and home comforts, that you become completely oblivious to your location, you forget to soak in the feel, the smell and the grit of where you are. You could go as far as to say that tourists will never absorb the true feel of a country the way a traveler would.

Now the traveler has more unique characteristics that one should know about in order to mimic when necessary. Since one can go too far in any direction and leave the security of safety far behind if not careful.

Here are a few perceptions distinguishing an Traveler.

– Dirty Clothes, vest, shirt, and no obvious clothing standard. They regularly wash materials in the shower, and resemble a bum or wanderer.

– Flip flop shoes or exceptionally worn shoes/sandals.

– A rucksack with patches, and such demonstrating their ability to travel with less.

– A travelers camera, laptop are seldom seen. Absence of assets, helps to prevent others from stealing from them.

– A travelers hair is frequently unkempt, tangled, non brushed hair or dreadlocks are utilized.

– No adornments, or whatever else that local people can get their hands on to offer to you

– Travelers have a decent propensity for failing to spend any cash by any stretch of the imagination. They will stay at a shoddy as-all-damnation explorers inn, free breakfast being an enormous offering point. They eat regularly one dinner brunch+dinner.

– They have a tendency to be separated from everyone else. travelers live single, migrant lives outside the explorers lodge

– Ages are between the ages of 18 and 32 overall, and are seldom married.

They often also have no comprehension of the local tongue, but they will damn-well try. The use of phrases such as ‘chicken please’, ‘I want lighter’ and ‘thank you’.

They often get it right since we think travel is to search for adventure, a traveler wants to be PART of the country he/she is visiting. You gain a special understanding and the most enjoyable experience from diving head first into a foreign country. One needs to consider what they want to accomplish, and what type of adventurer they want to be.

We recommend being a little bit of both worlds, and by doing this you really bring a piece of the place with you will feel richer and more fulfilled. You will be able to authentically describe the country, its people, its food and its landscapes with far more intricacy and passion. To be a tourist is to go on holiday, to be a traveler is to go on a journey, and to be an adventurer is to experience life in all aspects of the trip within the financial means you have to offer.


Happy Travels,