Bangka Boats: Fishing Carigara Bay Philippines

Bangka boat fishing in Carigara Bay Leyte in the Philippines
Bangka boat fishing in Carigara Bay Leyte in the Philippines

Bangka boats: The Jeeps Of The Filipino Sea

Bangka boats are a common sight in The Philippines. This island nation of over 7,000 islands has lots of boats of different kinds. The Bangka or pump-boat, is an overgrown canoe with outriggers for stability. This is the boat of boats. It is used for ferry service between the islands, for fishing one of the best fishing grounds in the world, and for leisure. What can you not do, with a Bangka?

Bangka Boats are traditional Filipino fishing boats, also called pump boats. They are made without a keel and are built to have minimal draft. This enables them to float over the shallow seas and coral reefs. Because they lack stability, they are outfitted with two bamboo or wooden outriggers that give them a little support when they get caught in rough and wild seas. Many of the outriggers are made from Philippine mahogany, basa, or molave  for durability. The ropes have been traditionally made of abaca. These boats are made to last.

The humble Bangka boat started life as a fishing boat.  Now they are considered,  the Jeeps of the Sea. They play important roles such as tourist taxis, scuba expedition boats, and even small ferries. They come in all sizes, from the tiny fishing boat or pleasure boat, to the vast ferry. What an inspiration they are! Are you ready?

What are you waiting for? Make this the year for your personal bangka adventure. Whether you decide to take a Bangka taxi, go scuba diving, or board a ferry, there are Bangka Boats waiting for you in the Philippines. Don’t let another year pass, without experiencing a Bangka. They are versatile! They are exciting! They are the Bangka Boats! Grab your passport and pack your bags. Today is the day to book that next Philippine vacation.

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