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Baxian Caves in Shanjian Village Taiwan

Baxian Caves

Baxian Caves In Shanjian Village Taiwan

Baxian Caves is a beautiful geological wonder on Taiwan’s Eastside. It is also referred to as the Eight Immortals Cave. In the small village of Shanjian, you will find one of the most archaeologically interesting places on the East Coast. Baxian Caves are located on the tall cliffs facing the Pacific Ocean in the Village of  Shanjian. This is only one of the dozens of natural sea caves located in these cliffs. This intriguing archaeological site was formed thousands of years ago when the East Coast of Taiwan was beneath the Pacific Ocean. Over the years the earth’s crust has risen on Taiwan’s East coast, the waves have eroded the soft stone and the caves were formed. Baxian Caves is the easiest of the caves to view. There is a walkway leading to the caves.

Baxian Caves is one of ten caves in the nearby area. You will find several caves that are set within the mountainside. These were all places of worship for the Buddha, Guanyin, and several other Buddhist immortals.  All the caves have a religious feel to them. Most likely because they were used for religious purposes in the past years. Each cave has had unique and different styles of worship. Baxian Cave is an extremely important primitive site. All the caves have a fascinating early history.  Archeologists have found the remains of a prehistoric culture approximately 30,000 years old!  Some of the artifacts found in the Baxian Cave is on display in the visitors center. You will also find a lot of information about the area in the visitors center. The visitors center is located near the road. Much Paleolithic pottery has been found in this cave. This is Taiwan’s oldest prehistorical site.  Baxian Caves is an important site in Taiwan. It is ranked as a major National Historic Site.”

Located inside this Buddhist Cave of The Eight Immortals are several Thai style Buddhas. Sitting toward the back is a statue of Guanyin. He is pouring blessed cave water for visitors. This water is usually considered safe to drink. However, you can choose to drink at your own risk. Many tourists drink from it daily and it is said to be extremely good and blessed.

2 Bashian Caves Taiwan, The children are coming to see us

Waiting to greet you are the statue of an old man and woman. In keeping with the desire of Taiwan, the younger generation is encouraged to visit the caves and get to know the past history of Taiwan. This older couple seem to be saying…..”The children are coming to see us!” This is an amazing prehistoric site and the Taiwanese are invited to visit and learn of Taiwan’s outstanding and unique past. Every time a young family comes to the caves, indeed, it can be said….. Taiwan’s Children are coming to see them.


Going south: Follow Highway 11 to Taidong, pass Chenggong and Changbin. At the 78 markers, you will see Baxian Cave. The visitors center is at the roadside.


Baxian Visitors Center
No.1-4, Shuimuding, Changbin Township, Taitung County

Whether you have come to Taiwan as a tourist, or you are a citizen, this is an amazing place to explore. Make this the year for a Taiwan East Coast Adventure.  Baxian Caves is a good place to start and then there are 9 more to explore. Let this be the year everyone can say:  “The children are coming to visit!”

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