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Beitou Thermal Valley In NorthernTaiwan

#Beitou lush green thermal valley in northern #Taiwan

Beitou Thermal Valley In Northern Taiwan

Beitou Thermal Valley is a Northern Taiwan Jewel. It is a pearl of delight. It is a rare gem found in Taipei. This geothermal valley is a volcanic crater that is filled with piping hot natural sulfuric spring water. This rare mineral content causes the water to be a beautiful shade of jade green. Locals sometimes call it Jade Springs Valley, because it is one of the greenest valleys in the world. The different colors of green are amazing!  This rare combination of minerals can only be found in one other location worldwide. These same beautiful green waters can also be found in Akita, Japan. Beitou Thermal Valley is filled with lush green vegetation and healing green sulfuric spring water. What beauty can be found in the Beitou Thermal Valley.

Those that love to bathe in natural hot springs are probably thinking that they are bound for some healing bathe waters. Not so! The water can get up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, this renders the hot springs itself unsuitable for bathing. However, further away from the spring, bathhouses have been built and the water-cooled to a suitable temperature for a fantastic bathing experience.

This sulfuric water is believed to be quite healing to the skin. People with all types of skin problems have come here to jump-start a cure. The water is considered almost miraculous! It is a healing experience for many with dry and unhealthy skin.

Depending on the wind, the steam comes up from the water and engulfs you in thick sulfuric steam. This is how the Beitou Thermal Valley got its other name, Hell Valley. This beautiful valley can be so engulfed in this thick steam, that some feel like you can hardly breathe. However, the steam can be quite healing to the lungs. The steam makes for a spectacular photo event. The sulfuric steam is also very healing to the skin of those who are surrounded by this piping hot vapor. It is a beautiful valley! It is relaxing! It is healing!

Beitou Thermal Valley would seem to have a very hot source of heat below the earth. Unfortunately, it is no longer hot enough to sustain future volcanic activity. The days of this beautiful thermal valley are quickly coming to an end. This is perhaps one of the best reasons to make this the year you plan a Beitou Thermal Valley Adventure. Don’t wait till this becomes modern-day history.

Beitou Thermal Valley is actually located in Taipei, Taiwan.  It is an amazing valley and you have not even left Taipei. This makes it very easy to get there via the MRT. You can sit back and enjoy the train ride. In less than an hour, you will be in this amazing valley. You have left the bustle of the city! The noise of this mega city is gone. But you are still in the greater Taipei area. Beitou Thermal Valley is a Taipei City Adventure.

Less than an hour from the city center of Taipei will find you soaking in rare sulfuric hot springs. It is surrounded by a lush green park. There are bubbling springs. Beautiful bridges and countless walking paths grace the park. The park has every shade of green that you can imagine.  This is an adventure in Taiwan and Japanese history. What a way to relax!

Beitou Thermal Valley was a haven for the Japanese during their occupation of Taiwan. Parks, bridges, and walking paths were built. The springs emitted a sulfuric aroma. It would heal your lungs as you took long walks in the city. The Japanese opened countless hot spring bathhouses throughout the area. Beitou Park was the perfect place to enjoy a day in nature.

After the Japanese occupation came to an end, this park was neglected until the 1990s. At this time, Taipei City decided to renovate the old Japanese structures. They began to restore the beauty of the area. It is now a beautiful place to spend the day. Experience tranquility and peace. Relax from the rat race of the city. Go for a relaxing walk. Sit by the stream. There are beautiful paths, bubbly steams, and awesome bathe houses.  All this within an easy train commute.

Any day is the perfect day to explore Beitou Thermal Valley. The bath houses are inexpensive.  The water is amazing! The air is fresh. The park is peaceful. Beitou Thermal valley is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Breath the fresh air. Take long healthy walks. Enjoy one of the natures rare hot springs. Make today the day, for a Beitou Thermal Valley Adventure.

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