Blue Swimming Crabs: Filipino Delicacy

Blue Swimming CrabsBlue Swimming Crabs

Blue Swimming Crabs

Blue Swimming Crabs: Filipino Delicacy

Blue Swimming Crabs are some of the sweetest crabs available. They also are known by many names. Portumus Pelagicus is the official scientific name, but they are known as the flower crab in most of Asia. In the middle east they are known as the manna crab. Head on over to Australia and they are called sand crabs. Whatever the name, this is an excellent crab for eating! Demand is extremely high world-wide for the Blue Swimming Crabs. Not only are they good to eat, but they are beautiful.

Almost 90% of the market is in the United States. They are considered a delicacy and can be pricey. African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries are also major importers. Australia and New Zealand make up the balance of the importing countries for Blue Swimming Crabs.

The male Crabs are a bright blue with white spots. They are simply gorgeous! The female crab is a duller greenish-brown. She is not nearly as stunning as her male counterpart. Male or female, they are a hot commodity. They spend most of their days buried under the damp sand or mud. Rarely do they come out during daylight or winter. They are excellent swimmers and do not survive long out of the water. At night you will find them swimming in the estuaries, as they search for food and shelter.

So, the next time you are in the Philippines, have a local delicacy for dinner. If you like crab, these are some of the best. So gather your passport and pack your bag. Make this the year you discover the world of the Blue Swimming Crab. A seafood banquet is waiting ….in the Philippines.

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