The Call Of The Washington Mountains

Washington Mountains

                           Washington Mountains Are Alive With Magical Beauty

Washington State is home to some of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the Continental United States. In this Evergreen State you have everything from snow-capped volcano peaks, to Olympic rain forests. On the slopes of Washington's mountain ranges you will find sure footed mountain goats that seem to cling to the steep sides of the mountain cliffs.  The mountain valleys provide the perfect home to herds of elk quietly grazing their day away. Some mountains are snow covered all year long, while others are beautiful and grassy. Welcome to Washington, where the mountains are as diverse as the people.

                                                        What A Magnificent Creature

The splendor of Wild Elk grazing is just one of the many magnificent surprises waiting for you as you roam this magnificent state. Explore the mountain passes, the valleys, and discover the back roads where few take time to go. Washington is a state of surprises, and you never know what you are going to see next.

                                                                     Let's Climb To The Top

The slopes of these many diverse mountains provide places to climb.  Nestled among the tress are remote camping areas where you just get away for a few days. Here, in the Evergreen State, you will find activities for every skill level. Everyone, from the serious climber to the novice hiker will enjoy the many secluded and remote places to get away from the hecticness of everyday life.

                                                      Refreshing Mountain Streams

Refreshing Rivers flow down the many mountains to the Puget Sound below. The streams and rivers of the Evergreen State are crystal clear, sparkling, and delicious to drink. The many miles of fabulous rivers provide hours of white water rafting, canoeing, and kayaking for those desiring adventure.  Whatever you desire to do, you can do it in Washington.

                                                           A Journey Into The Past

Explore the past. Discover the future. History is living as you take to the slopes of this active volcano. Mount St. Helen's is abundant with nature more than 30 years after she blew in 1981. It is a major climbing and hiking destination for the the beginner, as well as the experienced climber. The volcano is climbed all year, but mostly between late spring and late fall.

Mount Saint Helen's is the star of many stories from all the many native tribes that live in her foothills. After the 1981 volcanic explosion there were many interesting versions of different stories. If you want to relive the experience, visit the Mount Saint Helen's Volcanic Monument.  Here you will find the stories and the living history of the mountain.

                                               Mount St. Helen's Is Active And Recharging 

Mount St. Helen's is a very active volcano. She has been busy building a new dome. When the pressures build up within, she stops to blow off steam as needed.

                                                          Majestic Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is yet another one of the magnificent volcanoes that call Washington home. There are three major tour companies that offer a climb to the top. Most people who attempt to climb her, fail to reach the summit. Glazier climbing skills are needed to conquer this mountain. Many enjoy skiing and other winter sports at her resorts.

                                     Take Time To Discover....Take Time To Explore

No matter what you enjoy, Washington's mountains are calling your name. Explore the back roads. Discover the hidden gems. Fish the remote streams. Ski the hills. Kayak down the rivers. Conquer the mountains. The choices are endless. The decision is yours. Can you hear the call? The mountains of Washington, are calling your name.

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