Calm Evening On The Inside Passage Of Alaska

A Calm Evening On The Inside Passage At St. Petersburg, Alaska 

St. Petersburg, Alaska, often called, “Little Norway, ” was the creation of a Norwegian fisherman over 100 years ago. In the late 1890’s, Norwegian immigrants began to arrive to this area. Over the next few years they became some of Alaska’s first homesteaders.  Peter Buschmann, was one of those original homesteaders, homestead the northern side of Mitkof Island. Peter Buschmann created the town of St.Petersburg by building the first cannery, a dock, and a sawmill between the years of 1890 and 1900.  The Buschmann family each  homesteaded in this area and finally their work became St. Petersburg, as we know it today. Little Norway was on the map! St. Petersburg is made up mainly of Scandinavian transplants. The cannery has operated in full swing until this very day. St. Petersburg is now one of Alaska’s thriving  fishing villages. Daily, fisherman bring into the dock, the catch of the day.

This little island community continues to be a major fishing community.  There are three beautiful harbors that are waiting and ready to be your temporary home, away from home. Whether you are on a cruise ships, a private yachts, or any boat, we are ready to welcome you to this thriving fishing village. Come for the day or the week, or join us for the rest of your life, but here you will find peace and adventure. Frederick Sound is also home to migrating humpback whales. Whale watching is a relaxing but enjoyable past-time in the area.

While in the area, check out the Stikine-LeConte Wilderness Area. This amazing wilderness area is home to the LeConte Glacier which is busy calving off many beautiful icebergs.  This is a beautiful area that is only a short boat trip away. There are many tours that are ready to share this beautiful experience.  St. Petersburg

If you are looking for a wonderful adventure that is exciting but calm and relaxing, look no farther than St. Petersburg. Here you will meet life-long fisherman with small town Scandinavian roots that are dug deep into this wonderful fishing village.  Friendly people, just waiting to share their fascinating village.



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