Canigao Island Leyte, Philippines

 Canigao Island
Romance in the tropical paradise of Canigao Island in the Philippines

Canigao Island Leyte, Philippines

Canigao Island is an amazing and beautiful island in the Southern Leyte of the Philippines.  The water is  crystal clear and the deepest blue.  The sand on the beach is the finest and milky white. Take a short walk around the island and breathe deep the fresh air! Rise early to watch the beautiful sunrise. In the evening watch as the sun dips down over Bohol island. It is amazing at Canigao Island.

Locals love Canigao Island for it affordable family luxury. They have everything from camping to quaint cottages. Many say that it has become a yearly event to camp with their children. The seafood is fresh daily and is available between 9am and 11 am. Some of the best fresh seafood is found on Canigao Island. There are many options and you have the choice to have it cooked or uncooked.

Canigao Island is a fisherman’s dream. The fish are abundant and fishing on the island is a delight to the fisherman. There are miles of untouched coral reef that surround the island. This amazing reef makes the island a major magnet for snorkelers and divers. Most of the hotels on neighboring islands have diving and snorkeling packages for those that desire. Canigao Island has a fantastic beach and there is always a game of beach volleyball going on.

Canigao Island can be toured by foot, though there are some parts that are not passable. There you will find some of the most fantastic rock formations.  These mega rock formations dominates one section of the island. Here you will find pristine beaches, with volcanic rocks dating back to when the island was first formed.

What are you waiting for? Make this the year you camp at Canigao Island Leyte, Philippines. Grab your passport and pack your bag. Adventure is waiting on canigao Island.

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