Cebu Philippines: A Divers Paradise

Cebu, PhilippinesCebu, Philippines

Cebu, Philippines

Cebu Philippines: A Divers Paradise

Cebu Philippines is a divers paradise! It is a snorkelers dream. Beautiful white sand beaches surround the islands. Tranquility abounds! It is perfect for the beach lover. The water is so blue and clean! Beauty is everywhere!

Cebu Philippines is a chain of islands connected by a coral reef. This massive coral reef encloses a beautiful lagoon. Can you imagine diving in a place like this? There is diving instruction for those who have yet to try this fantastic sport. What are you waiting for? Today is the day!

Everyone can snorkel! It’s easy! It’s fun! It is an adventure! Just think about what you will see! Sunny days are our speciality! Blue skies abound!  Beautiful beaches are everywhere! The water is crystal clear in Cebu, Philippines.

The area around Cebu Philippines is one of the most unusual areas in the Pacific Ocean. The warm waters are home to over 2,000 different species of fish. It has an endless variety of corals. What adventure awaits the diver. How delightful it is to swim among the fish. It is a unique experience. It is fun! It is a discovery of a life time.

The fisherman will be delighted with the rich fishing grounds surrounding Cebu. These abundantly rich feeding grounds are an attraction to many larger fish. You will be amazed at the Whales when they come to feed. This is a fisherman’s heaven! If fishing is your delight, then Cebu will not disappoint. Grab your pole and lets fish.

The Cebu area is an adventure waiting for any tourist. There are historical tours, snorkeling events and diving tours. If you are new to diving, there are tours that provide the instruction and training you will need. If you are looking for something a little less active, try the many boat tours. There are tours that will let you discover all the many islands of Cebu. What is there not to like about Cebu? It is fun! It is living adventure! It is exciting!

Feast after diving

What do you do after a dive session? You come back to a feast! The food is fantastic in Cebu! There are many quality restaurants with dining on the beach. If you like fish, they have many different species! The chefs know how to prepare them all. Philippine chefs are some of the worlds best! You will find the local cuisine fabulous. There are also gourmet specialities from around the globe.  In Asia, you can literally eat your way from place to place. The food is unique! It is delicious! It is fresh. If you like your seafood fresh, look no further. If you like to eat, Asia is your playground.

For tips on accommodations, check out Tripadvisor. There are major resorts with quality service.  There are many local accommodations for those on a budget. The local people provide awesome service. They are friendly and helpful. Prices are reasonable. The service is good. Whatever your budget, you will find many options. Cebu Philippines is for everyone! It is fun! It is relaxing! It is the trip of a life time.

For those wanting first hand information, check out our new Facebook Group. Come with your questions and the team will answer them. Talk to divers and snorkelers who know the waters surrounding the islands. Get tips from those who like to eat. Get advice on where to stay. Find local and unique places to eat. There is a team waiting to answer your questions. Everyone is welcome.

Make today the day you book that dream vacation to Cebu Philippines. Pack your bag! Grab your passport. Adventure is waiting in Cebu Philippines! It is fun! It is delightful!

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