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Chinese Herbal Medicine: Mysteries From Hong Kong

Chinese herbs
Mysterious Chinese herbs in the traditional medicine shops of Hong Kong

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Hong Kong

Chinese herbal medicine is not based on mainstream Western principles or practices. Chinese herbal medicine uses a variety of herbs such as Chinese herbal medicine uses a variety of herbs such as astragalus, ginkgo, ginseng, green tea, and Siberian ginseng  in different combinations to restore balance to the body. A body out of balance, is a disease waiting to happen. Herbal blends, in the hands of a competent practitioner, can prevent and heal many ailments. They are said to prevent and treat hormone disturbances, infections, breathing disorders, and a vast number of other ailments and diseases.

The beginning of Chinese herbal Medicine is the herb garden. Simple garden  herbs  can help ease the side effects of radiation  treatments, control pain, improve quality of life, and strengthen the immune system. There has even been  some cases, where simple herbal combinations worked to slow or stop tumor growth. Chinese herbal medicine is the use of over 3,200 herbs, 300 minerals, and 400 different formulas  to restore health and balance to the body.

The long use of many of these  herbs has led some to think that they are always safe. That is not correct. Any herb can cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to them. Those who are allergic to certain plants or plant-based foods may also react to herbs. As with anything new, it is good to introduce it in such a way, that you can quickly see if you have a reaction.

The more herbs you are able to safely introduce into your everyday cooking and use, the healthier you will be. A simple beginning is the humble herb garden. A few simple herbs that almost anyone can grow in a few pots are turmeric, ginger, garlic, onions, cilantro, parsley, teas, ginseng, and ginkgo. I personally use each of these daily. Others that I try to use at least 3 times a week are sage, oregano, basil, mint, thyme, and lemon grass. Even the leaves of fruit trees can often be used to control or prevent common issues. The humble fig leaf is my favorite example. A tea from the  fig  leaf can many times help in the control of diabetes. It is also helpful in weight control. There are hundreds of herbs waiting for you to discover their magic. What are you waiting for?

If anyone thinks my small herb garden of 50 herbs is overwhelming, venture into to a traditional medicine shop in Hong Kong. There you will see hundreds of mysterious herbs just waiting for you to use with knowledge. Never use something unknown to you without proper teaching and instruction. Herbs are a natural medicine and if used wrongly, they can be fatal.  Herbs plus knowledge and instruction can mean a long quality of life. So come on over to Hong Kong and wander through a traditional medicine shop. They are mysterious! They are a delight! To a person with herbal knowledge, they are of more value than a candy store, to a child. Grab your passport and pack your bags. Come spend time in Hong Kong, learning the art of Chinese Herbal Medicine. It is never to early to book your next Hong Kong vacation.

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