Chinese New Year Is Almost Here

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year Is Almost Here

Chinese New Year: The Year Of The Goat

Chinese New Year is coming to a neighborhood near you! Get ready for the fun! Stock up on red lanterns and red tassels! Get candy for the children! What are you going to wear? Are you ready? Celebration is just around the corner…..just three more days! The children are dancing with anticipation! Delight is in the air! It is a time of simple pleasures and widespread celebration. Chinese New Year is on the horizon! It is the coming of …..The Year of The Goat!

In Taiwan, and in all the Chinese areas worldwide, the people make ready.  Red and gold, the colors of prosperity,  are everywhere. The alarms are ringing, it is almost time. Special foods are being prepared, houses decorated, vacations planned, and families made ready. Rich or poor, the time for celebration is has dawned. The moment for simple pleasures has arrived. Women are in the kitchen preparing the special feast for the first day of this 15 day celebration. Are you ready?  If not, what are you waiting for? The time to make ready is today. Make ready your home! Make ready your family! Make ready, for Chinese New Year! Make ready for…..The Year Of The Goat!

If you can’t be in Taiwan this year, find a Chinatown near year. There you will see the hussel and bussel as people prepare their homes, offices, and families for the biggest celebration of the year. Banners of the humble goat will be everywhere. It is his year! The Year Of The Horse is about to depart and give way to ….The Year Of The goat.  Chinese New Year is almost here! Are you prepared? If not, why not? Grab some red paper and begin to make simple paper lanterns out of red and gold. Make the your house festive and alive. It is time! The day of celebration is upon us! Get ready for Chinese New Year! Get ready for…..The Year Of The Goat!

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