The Year Of The Red Fire Monkey

Year of the Red Fire Monkey

The Year Of The Red Fire Monkey

All over the Asian world, preparations are being made to welcome in the The Year Of
The Red Fire Monkey.The Year Of The Goat is on the way out. After a year of living with the dignified and surefooted goat, we are now getting ready to usher in The Year of the Red Fire Monkey. This New Year will “shake, rattle, and roll” Where did the stability go?

If it is your desire to get a good return for your investments, then you will need to outsmart this Monkey. Events in the Year Of The Red Monkey change and move quickly. Times and seasons will change! Business changes overnight. Take care of relationships, they too can change with the wind.  This is a year under the fire sign, thus the Red Monkey. It is the ninth in the line of the 12 Zodiac Symbols.

Years with the monkey are always interesting and unpredictable. The Monkey is smart, full of wit and humour. The Monkey is inventive and one that solves problems. They are independent and high achievers. The Monkey is playful and youthful. What a joy to watch! Have you ever watched them move from tree to tree, activity to activity? The Year Of The Red Fire Monkey is sure to be one that can not be predicted.

This amazing Monkey is very intelligent. The Monkey is fast-moving and hyperactive. They are strong-minded  and flexible. They can change with the wind. Thus a year under The Monkey is a year where it is hard to plan. Plans can change fast and you must be flexible. Unlike the last year of stability, you could make your own plans. This year you must out-smart The Monkey! So get ready to celebrate, lay out the red carpet….get ready to welcome, The Year Of The Red Fire Monkey.


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