Chiyoda City Tokyo Japan

Chiyoda Japan

Chiyoda City Tokyo Japan

Chiyoda City, a ward in central Tokyo, is calm and peaceful. The peaceful beauty of the area is astonishing. It is a small area within one of the mega cities of the world. Tranquility and peace abound in the city. Chiyoda City has many attractions for the tourist, beginning with the Imperial Palace. The current Imperial Palace (皇居, Kōkyo) is located in Chiyoda City, in central Tokyo. This spectacular palace is built on the former site of Edo Castle.  The Imperial Palace has a large park like garden. It is completely surrounded by beautiful moats and massive stone walls. Located  in the center of Chiyoda City Tokyo, it is only a short walk from Tokyo Station.  This is the current residence of the Imperial Family of Japan. No trip to Chiyoda City Tokyo would be complete without a visit to the Imperial Place.

Yasukuni Shrine is another attraction you will not want to miss in Chiyoda City Tokyo.  The Shrine is a memorial to the many Japanese  heroes of the Second World War and a few war criminals as well. The shrine is impressive and the surrounding gardens are amazing. There is a large Museum next door that gives a fascinating history of the Second World War. You get to see the war through the eyes of the Japanese. It is always interesting to see things through different glasses. The gardens which surround the Shrine are spectacular. What beauty abounds! Be sure to visit the shrine after dark. What an experience! The Shrine dazzles at night with its welcoming light show. Visitors are amazed with its glowing structures and magnificent garden. What an amazing experience!

Akihabara , a district in Chiyoda City,  is known for being an otaku cultural center. In today’s language you might say it is where all the geeks and computer nerds live and shop. What an amazing shopping district for electronics. It is perhaps one of the best shopping districts for computer related goods in the world. Also located in this district of Chiyoda City are 15 different embassies.

Chidorigafuchi, is one of the most spectacular tourists spots in spring. It is amazing during Sakura season. This is the time of the Cherry Blossoms.  They line both sides of the waterways. The aroma is amazing! The trees are magnificent!  The trees reflect in the water, so you see each tree twice. Spring time in Chidorigafuchi is Japanese paradise.

Chiyoda City Tokyo is the place to be, no matter the time of year. Walk the awesome waterways! Take a bike tour of the city. Relax on the shores of the water or read a book at the park. In Chiyoda City Tokyo, you will find the peace and relaxation that a busy traveler yearns for!

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