The Church of Saint John the Baptist ~ Birth Place Of John The Baptist

The Church of Saint John the Baptist Birth Place Of John The BaptistThe Church of Saint John the Baptist Birth Place Of John The Baptist

 The Church Of Saint John The Baptist And Monastery  

Tradition generally  attributes the place of birth for John the Baptist to be in a small village that during that time was Southwest of the city of Jerusalem. Ein Karem is a quaint village that has currently been incorporated into the city of Jerusalem.  The Church and Monastery were built over the ruins of the ancient Byzantine and Crusader Chapels.

This spectacular Roman Catholic Church has amazing architecture from several different periods of history. The church has beautiful murals and glass with outstanding tiles.  What makes it even more magnificent, it the seamless way it all blends together.

The Biblical account of the birth of John The Baptist begins in the First Chapter Of Luke. It is in this recorded event that we know of his humble beginnings.

One Of The Entrances To The Church Of Saint John The Baptist. 

One Of The Many Altars In The church Of Saint John The Baptist

Beautiful Upper Area Showing The Magnificent Stained glass windows

The life of John the Baptist is portrayed in all the magnificent stained glass near the ceiling above the altar.

Another Entrance Into One Of The Chapels

Notice the ornate iron work leading into the chapel and the simplicity of the simple but beautiful leaded windows.

The Traditional Birthplace Of John The Baptist

Notice the placement of the seal, which is the traditional place of his birth. The seal on the floor shows the authenticity. This is a small chapel off from the main sanctuary.

Close Up Of The Official Seal Of The Church

Close-Up Of The Surrounding Motifs With The Seal In The Floor

While in Jerusalem this beautiful church is a must for your itinerary. Explore the history recorded in the exquisite stained glass windows, and the amazing motifs throughout.

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