Curly Rattan Vines In Malaysian Rain Forests

Curly Ratta vines in tropical Malaysian rain forests —
Curly Rattan Vines In Tropical Malaysian Rain Forests

Curly Rattan Vines In Tropical Malaysia

Curly Rattan is one of the world’s Lianas. Curly Rattan  grows and thrives in the Borneo  Islands in Malaysia. Rattan is a vine that grows only in tropical rainforests. It can be found year around. Rattan is a climbing vine that clings onto other trees for support. Their stems are thick and woody. They can be anywhere from a few feet long, to a couple thousand feet in length. They take on various shapes, conforming to the host tree. They are absolutely beautiful.

The Curly Rattan begins life on the floor of the rainforest. They quickly attach to a host tree, where they wind their thick and woody stems around the host for support. They quickly climb upwards toward the sun, which they need to survive. Occasionally they grow with small saplings, but most often, they attach to a tree’s trunk. Their beauty is amazing.

As the Curly Rattan nears the top of the forest canopy, it spreads and hooks onto other lianas. This provides a small degree of protection from the wind. The rattan of Asia often grow to a height of over 600 feet. They are considered to be a parasite to the host tree.

Curly Rattan is used to make wicker furniture, worldwide.  Curly Rattan also makes sturdy and beautiful baskets and strong ropes. Curly Rattan produces small, edible fruits. These fruits are a favorite of the animals of the rainforest. These small, edible fruits are  slightly sour, almost like a tamarind taste. They are often used for medicinal purposes in Malaysia. The fruit of the Curly Rattan helps to overcome strep throat. It is also used in the treatment of  diarrhea, malaria and bleeding disorders. What is their not to like about this parasite?

On any trip to the Borneo Islands in Malaysia, you will be able to view this amazing vine in its jungle habitat. Come join us in the awesome jungles of Malaysia, where natural beauty abounds. Check out the following websites for hotels, tours, and resorts. Grab your passport and pack your bag. See you in Malaysia.

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