Cycling: Pedal Power In The Netherlands

Cycling in Amsterdam
Cycling in Amsterdam

Cycling: Pedal Power In The Netherlands

Cycling in the bicycle capital of the world is an experience. Is their any other capital city in the world where 40% of all trips are done by the humble bike? Even in the financial center of the city, 38% of all trips are done by pedal power. Pedal power reigns in this small Dutch Island!

Most of us are quite impressed with Amsterdam and it’s use of the humble bicycle. But in reality, Amsterdam ranks really low on the list of bike friendly towns in this Island Nation. When you compare it to other capital cities world-wide, it is the only city that comes close to being this bicycle friendly. However, when you compare it to other cities and towns in The Netherlands, many rise far above Amsterdam. The cities of The Hague, Eindhoven, Almere and Groningen are some of the top cities for bicycle friendliness. Here, the bicycle rules! It is the king of the road!

In the city of Groningen, 59% of all trips in the greater Groningen area are done by bike. This includes urban neighborhoods, the city financial center and the countryside. The people of Groningen love their bicycles.The reason these smaller Dutch cities out do the capital is the cycling infrastructure. They have endless cycle paths, segregated cycle areas, protected crossings, and bicycle parking.Cycling is economical! There is no gas to buy! Cycling is safe! Cycling is a way of life! Bicycling routes are far shorter and more direct than car routes. Time is money!

In the Dutch countryside many cities are now connecting into the National Cycle routes for bicycle tourism. There is no where you can not go on the humble bicycle in this Island Nation. Bicycling on this Dutch Island  is a pleasant experience. It is fun!  The paths are well-traveled and well-lit. They are well protected by the local police.They are not areas of crime.They are safe!  It is easy to keep your bicycle in top shape, as there is a large network of bicycle shops in The Netherlands.  One’s bicycle is important to every man, woman, and child. Pedal power reigns supreme in The Netherlands.

Unless you want to hike, there is no other way to really see the countryside, like you can on the bike. Bicycling tourism is number one  in this nation. You can really see the countryside, stop and mingle with the people, and even slow down and paint the tulips. The humble cycle opens the door to creative tourism as you have never see it. The Netherlands welcomes you to come and take a bike tour. Come see The Netherlands up close. It is exciting! It is informative! It is Dutch! Pack your backpack and grab your passport!  Join us, as we cycle this small Island.

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  1. Ehm, why do you keep saying the Netherlands are an island? The rest of the article is quite accurate, but surely we’re not an island. Not yet that is.

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