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Danger Zone In The Land Of Promise

Danger Zone

Danger Zone In The Land Of Promise

Danger Zone is in The Land. How would you feel if your enemies were less than an hour a way?  Syria, with all that is going on there is only 37 miles from this sign. This is a small country and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Damascus, the heart of Syria, is 37 miles. It is no secret that ISIS does not want Jews to live. Russia and the US have both been bombing strongholds. Is not the real question………Will they bomb them all? It only takes a small cell for the carnage to continue. What is in store next for Israel? Danger is looming and it is only 37 miles away.

Another name on the sign is Bagdad. This is the heart of Iraq. Iraq is the neighbor of Iran! Danger is looming from another source.  They are less than 500 miles away from this sign. That is only a 4-5 hour drive. Bagdad is another center of trouble. Here people are running for their own lives from the crimes of ISIS. Each day seems to bring them even closer to Bagdad. They are killing all whom they deem to be their enemy. First it was Jews and Christians. Now it is people who have served in the police or military. Are these the people you want for your neighbors? Another danger zone on the horizon. There is danger in The Land.

There are so many places where ISIS is working and they are a danger for all. They may not be in Israel, but if they are only 37 miles away, then there is danger in the land. As for the tourist that is traveling, you really do not see anything at all. The Army is so on top of things that you have no reason to fear. Yes, 37 miles is way too close, but there is still adventure in The Land.