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Desert Big Horn Sheep At The San Diego Zoo

Big Horn Sheep

The Desert Big Horn Sheep

The desert Big Horn Sheep welcomes you to the San Diego Zoo. The days are sunny and nice in San Diego. You will find the Big Horn Sheep resting in the sun. They love the Southern California Desert climate. They may not seem to be the most exciting of animals, but wait till you get to know them. Things may change when you get acquainted. They are avid climbers and enjoy a good audience. They can live in some of the worlds steepest and harshest environments. Take time to hang out for a while and get to know these most amazing local and talented animals.

The Desert Big Horn Sheep can be found in the wild from the San Jacinto Mountains near the town of Palm Springs, California, to the United States-Mexico border. They love the beautiful Southern California high desert. Did you know that these sheep were very surefooted? Amazingly, they only walk on their third and fourth toes of each foot. The bottom of each foot is very soft, making them the magnificent surefooted climbers that they are. Their ability on the rocks is stunning. They are a walking local wonder at the San Diego Zoo.

Both the males and the females have a nice set of horns. However. the male has the largest rack of horns which he uses against other males quite often. It is not uncommon for male Big Horn Sheep to engage in head butting. In the wild, things can get quite intense during the breeding season. Things stay fairly calm at Condor Ridge in the San Diego Zoo. There is only one male in residence. The females are not known to engage in this exciting activity.

These beautiful big horn sheep live on both sides of the border. They often wander across Highway 8 between San Diego County and Mexico. It is not unusual to see them in the high desert areas of Highway 94 also. These magnificent sheep rule the high desert and the border means nothing to them.  They are also seen crossing Highway 2 between San Diego and Baja California. The Desert Big Horn Sheep are truly international. Those that live at Condor Ridge are fortunate. They do not need to dodge cars to move from ridge to ridge. They are free to roam over 1,800 acres of desert. Life is good at the San Diego Zoo.

This fantastic sheep loves living life on the edge! The edge of the canyon is their home. They move from rock to rock, crevice to crevice. If you are looking for a local adventure, then come on out to The San Diego Zoo. Here you will find the most talented Desert Big Horn Sheep. Take a few minutes and you will quickly become friends. Watch them interact with each other during times of playful activity. They love their environment at Condor Ridge. Things can really get exciting at Condor Ridge! These amazing sheep love to climb and jump!

So pack up the family and head for the San Diego Zoo. The Desert Big Horn Sheep are waiting!

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