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Discovering Yellowstone National Park: Beyond Old Faithful

A man riding a horse
Discovering Yellowstone National Park: Beyond Old Faithful 2

Yellowstone National Park, a realm of natural wonders, is celebrated for its iconic Old Faithful Geyser. The spout is just one of the many magnificent features of this park. For example, it is possible to experience both adventure and serenity when horseback riding in Yellowstone. Let’s take a closer look at the top 8 things to do in Yellowstone that are perfect for adding to your travel itinerary.

Things To Do In Yellowstone National Park

1. Horseback Riding

Discover Yellowstone’s natural wonders on horseback! Experienced guides can accompany you on a trail ride through the park’s diverse landscapes, providing a peaceful and thrilling viewpoint. Horseback riding tours are offered for all ages and skill levels, with options ranging from a few hours to a full day.

2. Wildlife Watching

This park is a wildlife watcher’s paradise because it is home to various animals, including bison, wolves, and many others. Prime spots like Hayden and Lamar Valleys are ideal for sightings, with safe viewing distances advised. The park also offers guided tours and educational programs for visitors who want to learn more about its wildlife. 

3. Hiking Trails

Yellowstone National Park offers over 900 miles of trails for hikers of all levels. Each trail provides an excellent view of the park’s diverse landscapes, from easy walks to challenging treks. The trails offer stunning views of geysers, canyons, and mountain ranges. Hikers can enjoy immersive experiences like guided private or group hikes, birding instruction, wildlife tracking, and online audio tours.

4. Boating and Fishing

Yellowstone Lake and its rivers are perfect for water activities. Rent a boat or fish for native species, but remember to follow park regulations. Anglers can also fish in the many rivers and streams in the park. Just remember to purchase a Yellowstone Fishing Permit before heading out.

5. Visit the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

This natural marvel features vibrant colors and the powerful Lower Falls. Explore its beauty from various viewpoints and trails. Enjoy the stunning views from the rim or the waterfalls below. Visitors often compare the spot to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. 

6. Explore Mammoth Hot Springs

Discover the beautiful rock formations of the stepped springs. Walking on special paths, you can observe the amazing hot water and steam. You can learn about the park’s history and geology at the Mammoth Hot Springs Visitor Center. The Artist’s Paintpots Trail is a great place to see hot springs in different colors.

7. Stargazing

With minimal light pollution, the park offers an exceptional stargazing experience. Join night programs or enjoy the celestial display from your campsite. The park offers guided tours to help you spot constellations and stars. Telescopes and other equipment are available for visitors to use. 

8. Take a Scenic Drive

Yellowstone’s Loop Road offers a comfortable journey through diverse landscapes. Stop at various points to capture breathtaking views and moments. Take in the views of Yellowstone Lake, Old Faithful, and the Upper Geyser Basin. Take as many pictures as you want from your vehicle to capture memories.


Yellowstone National Park is a fantastic place to explore and enjoy. Apart from the famous Old Faithful, there are plenty of activities to suit everyone’s interests. You can go horseback riding for an exhilarating experience or stargazing for a peaceful one. Every time you visit Yellowstone, you’ll have the chance to make unforgettable memories surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of one of America’s greatest treasures.