Dragon Fruit Cactus Flower

Flowers of the Dragon Fruit Catus

Dragon Fruit Cactus Flower

Dragon Fruit Cactus Flowers are magnificent. The flowers are unique in that they only bloom at night. Cactus flowers are pollinated by insects, birds and bats.These nocturnal pollinators work well for a nocturnal flower.The flowers are large and beautiful! How fragrant they are! What a shame that they only last one day! There seems to be only two ways to enjoy the beauty of these flowers. One could of course stay up all night and watch. What an exciting and long night! Perhaps the better choice would be to set up a time-lapse video camera. Assuming you live somewhere where you can safely leave expensive camera equipment outside, that appears to be the best choice. Which ever way you choose, you do not want to miss the flowering of the Dragon Fruit Cactus. These short-lived flowers are amazingly large and beautiful. Nothing compares to their mysterious beauty.

These fairy tale flowers blend into the background. Then one single night they spring into full bloom! They become larger than life and reveal their remarkable inner beauty. Their flowers are delicate white pedals surrounded by a gold center. As the sun dawns, they fade back into the background. In the morning you will find wilted and spent flowers covered with bugs. Like Cinderella, their beauty is tragically short-lived.

The Beautiful Edible Flower

Unopened flower buds of the Dragon Fruit Cactus can be cooked like vegetables. One popular way to cook is to saute with onions and garlic on low heat in a small amount of grape-seed oil. Variations include adding mushrooms and greens.

They are also prepared  raw in a salad. It is good with any of the  greens and ferns. There are over 850 varieties of fern and all are good pared with the Dragon Fruit Cactus Flower.

Yet a third way to prepare these tasty flowers is with  small mini corns (these can be bought fresh in many Asian Markets. ) These are good with small pearl onions and mushrooms.

No matter which recipe you choose, Dragon Fruit Cactus Flowers are delicious. They are rich in antioxidants.  Dragon Fruit Cactus Flowers are packed full of vitamins! What an adventure in fine dinning! Explore the art of cooking with flowers. These flowers  have a delicate taste! There is nothing like the Dragon Fruit Cactus Flower!


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