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Dragon Pagoda At Lotus Pond

Dragon Pagoda
Dragon and Tiger Pagoda

Dragon An Tiger Pagoda At Lotus Pond

Dragon Pagoda adventure begins as you enter the mouth of the dragon! As you pass through the gullet or throat of the dragon you will see a wide variety of Chinese murals. Each mural depicts a scene out of the pages of Chinese folklore. As you make your way through the mouth you go through nine bends. Why are there nine bends, you ask? Nothing is by accident! Odd numbers are considered to be extremely good numbers. Of course, the number nine is the highest of the odd numbers between 1 and 10! What a privilege to walk around nine bends! Nine is the highest and the best of the odd numbers! It is a number that is used often in temples and pagodas. The number nine is a number that is believed to bring success. It brings luck to those who believe in it!

The Dragon Pagoda is only one of the many quirky temples around Lotus Pond. Lotus Pond is one of the largest man-made ponds in Taiwan. It’s name comes from the layers and layers of Lotus blossoms that cover this muddy pond. The muddy water is like our confused lives. There in the muddy water are the sturdy roots to the Lotus Flower. It is a symbol of enlightenment. Sometimes a bud only opens part of the way. In that case enlightenment is still just out of reach. It is into this symbolic area that the Dragon Pagoda emerges.

The Dragon Pagoda has seven levels. One for each of the seven factors of enlightenment. Mindfulness is the beginning factor to reach enlightenment. First you have to empty your mind, or clear out the clutter. The second level of the pagoda is for investigation. This is where you search and discover. Then the next level represents energy and the next one joy. Then you progress into Tranquility, and Concentration. Then you finally arrive at the seventh and final level, one that represents Equanimity. The first six floors are open for your discovery but the seventh is a private shrine for members only. Nothing is an accident at the Dragon Pagoda. As the faithful move through each level, they will discover new and emerging truths. As tourists move from level to level, we will be confronted with interesting symbolism. The Dragon Pagoda is an adventure filled with surprises.

The Dragon Pagoda is ornate and extremely beautiful! As you progress upwards from level to level, so will the view that emerges of Lotus Pond. Beyond the pond is the city of Kaoshlung. The view is breathtaking! Smell the aroma of the lotus flowers which are everywhere on the pond. You can easily spend the day at this serene pond with its many unique and unusual temples and pagodas. Be sure to remain until sunset. It is at sunset that you are in for a special treat. The wide range of colors become even more vibrant. The reflection of the pagodas on the lake is beautiful! What a magnificent evening adventure on the pond. If you desire a one of a kind adventure, then you will enjoy Dragon Pagoda at Lotus Pond. We will meet at the mouth of the Dragon!
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