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El Paso Food Trucks Foodie Travel Video | EXPLORETRAVELER

El Paso Food Trucks

ExploreTraveler is heading out for feed trucks in El Paso. Check out this short video and see what kind of food trucks you can find while you visit El Paso. Foodie travel is something we take seriously here at ExploreTrveler. From El Paso Texas to international food destinations we try to bring you real-life unscripted. Check Out other areas to visit close by New Mexico Travel Ideas

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El Paso Food Trucks: So you never know what you’re going to find I’m here in El Paso and currently, I’m here uh having Egyptian food and this is an Egyptian truck stand so I want to show you guys if you look here all these stands uh they’re just here and they come here in the evening time when it’s cool after seven and they got you to know burritos and Mexican food and this one happens to be they call it the Mediterranean.

Finding something new with El Paso Food Trucks

There is more to El Paso food culture than Tex-Mex and Mexican food. but she’s more of an Egyptian cook but we’re pretty excited because we really like this kind of food and she’s making it fresh for us. So if you ever come to El Paso once you look for the food trucks and ask hotels ask people around you’ll figure out where they’re at you get some pretty special treats, and meals along the way.

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