Elephant Odyssey At The San Diego Zoo

Elephant Odyssy

Elephant Odyssey At The San Diego Zoo

Elephant Odyssey highlights the astonishing history of Southern California during the Pleistocene era. This intriguing exhibit seeks to link over 40 mega species that were lost to mankind during this time with current species. In this way, it is hoped that more of the current mega species can be saved. This amazing exhibit was done by The San Diego Natural History Museum, The La Brea Tar Pits, and The Western Center for Archaeology & Paleontology.What an amazing study. It skillfully links the past with the present. It is fascinating! It is intriguing! What amazing Natural History! This outstanding  exhibit is right here at the San Diego Zoo!

Your adventure will begin at the Tar Pit. Here you will learn about all the mega species that roamed Southern California 12,000 years ago. Did you even know that 12,000 years ago there were elephants in Southern California? While at the Tar Pit, you will learn about these mega extinct species. You will see their playfulness and learn how 12,000 years ago they would have interacted with each other. Learn of the grandeur of the elephant, and how to protect this current dwindling population of elephants. Learn about the modern-day threats that they face.

Have you  ever thought that there was a time when the woolly mammoth was common in Southern California? Have you ever considered that elephants, jaguars and condors are connected to mega species who lived during this era. What an amazing exhibit showing the natural living history of Southern California. It is living history! It is alive today, Yesterday, and tomorrow. Here you will see how archaeologists connect the dots between the mega species of today and those who walked the earth 12,000 years ago.

Do you like to connect the dots between what was, what is, and what will be? Are you interested in becoming part of the answer? Today is an excellent day to learn more about our current mega species and their ancient cousins. Grab the family and head on over to the San Diego Zoo. The elephants are waiting at the Elephant Odyssey. Make this the day, you connect the dots!


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