Everything Is Hotter And Bigger In Texas USA

                        Hot Habanero Pickles And Jalapeno Eggs Pack A Wallop Of Heat In Texas

Everything is hotter in this huge Western State of Texas. Try out the Habanero Pickles if you dare. Oma’s Choice has a large inventory of delicious canned goods that you will only find on the shelves in Texas. The Habanero Chunk Pickles will set your mouth on fire, but they are oh so good. Even the Old Fashioned Brine Dilled Pickles are amazing. They are made just like Grandma used to do. Then there are the pickled baby beets, with just a bite to them. Those are beets to try for sure. Some need these treats a little milder, so enjoy Opa’s Mild Okra.  But for most true Texan’s …. it will be Oma’s Hot pickled Okra please.

For those that are really into the fire, try the Sweet Fire Flame Pickles. These are no ordinary pickles. They are the perfect addition to a tuna salad sandwich. Then there are the Pickled Jalepenos and the Candied Jalepenos for those who like to add a little sweet into the fire.  Next on the shelf there is the Sweet and Sour Corn. You have never had corn, until you try this unique variety.

Now that the grill is hot and the burgers are coming off, be sure to reach for Hot Green Tomato Relish….. it is the perfect addition to that grilled burger. A fantastic side dish are Hot Quail And Jalapeno Eggs. Now those carry a native wallop of fire. All these goodies are done up Texas Style, so hang onto your hat!

If you are ready for some Texas style heat, then come on down to Texas and try the best Hot Habanero Pickles and Jalapeno Eggs that money can buy. Oma and Opa know how how to do them right……fiery and flaming hot. Are you ready for a Texas pepper adventure?




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