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ExploreTraveler is a local ran travel blogging website and social media network about all things travel.

If you have come here from our Pinterest Profile and would like to be a contributor to one of our boards please send us a message at https://www.facebook.com/exploretraveler with your Pinterest profile name and your other information for review.

Template to send us:

  1. What board you want to contribute to.
  2. Your Pinterest profile name or address.
  3. You’re website if you have one.
  4. Any other information as to what your pins are about.

We get a tremendous amount of requests daily and will do our best to approve those who don’t appear to be spammers.

We also co-post our articles over  @ Steemit please upvote, and engage with our community with comments.

exploretraveler family Pingtung County
Exploretraveler.com Team with new friends Dario and Joy, in the rich culture of the Paiwan and Rukai Tribes at Sandiman Village in Southern Taiwan
John Gentry Profile photo
John Gentry
John Gentry ExploreTraveler
John Gentry

John Gentry has been working internationally in Europe and Asia for most of his career. With over twenty years of international technical experience and has the flexibility and skills to create or lead large teams of multi-disciplined people on an international scale. His experience as a field service engineer and manager make me a great addition to any team who seeks a team player who also has the ability to work remotely or within a group. With experience in EUV, CMP, Etch and AFM technologies provide a robust skillset for learning new equipment. His hobbies include travel writing and authoring books for international travel by John Gentry. Speaking engagements with organizations looking to understand international team building within Taiwan, Singapore, and the Asian working environment.

If looking for someone who can support your domestic and international team along with great customer service skills then John Gentry is your next new hire.

John J. Gentry Sr.


Blogger and radio show host at KSUA

Karen Gentry

Karen Gentry


Steemit @pilgrimtraveler

Director of Visual Arts Social Media

ExploreTraveler photography by Karen Gentry

Marla Silva

ExploreTraveler Blogger

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