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Exploring Sé de Lisboa Cathedral In Lisbon Portugal

Exploring Sé de Lisboa Cathedral In Lisbon Portugal

Sé de Lisboa Cathedral

Sé de Lisboa Cathedral, was commissioned by King Afonso I in 1147, after he conquered the city from the Moors in 1147. It was built on the  original site of a  Moorish Mosque.  Often called the ” Sé ,” it is the largest Roman Catholic Church in Portugal.

This spectacular Cathedral is a combination of Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque architecture. The Cathedral has been through several major earthquakes, and one fire over the years. These disasters caused it to be repaired and rebuilt several times, adding to the type of architecture used in it’s building. Regardless of the different styles making up the Cathedral,  it is ornately beautiful. It became a Portuguese National Monument in the year of 1910.

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Sé de Lisboa Cathedral Altar

The altar area is extremely impressive with it’s ornate incense burners, balconies that are used for the choirs and organs. There are several ornate and beautiful statues. It is a beautiful house of prayer.

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Interior Stained Glass Window

Beautiful stained glass and an upper walkway that goes throughout the upper level of the worship area.

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Gothic Tomb Of Knight Lopo Fernandes Pacheco

Knight Lopo Fernandes Pacheco was the 7th Lord of Ferreira de Aves. He was the first of his linage to ascend to the highest levels of nobility. He was a favorite of the monarchy and held many trustworthy positions within the kingdom. He was favored highly by Afonso IV , who even entrusted the education of his children into his  hands.

His tomb is located in the ambulatory where his statue is laying across his tomb holding what would seem to be a sword. Not seen in the picture above, is the statue of a dog that appears to be guarding him at the bottom of the tomb.

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Tomb Of Maria De Vilalobos Sé De Lisboa Portugal. 

Maria De Vilalobos Sé was the wife of Knight Lopo Fernandes Pacheco. She is shown above her tomb reading her Book Of Hours, a Catholic Prayer Book.


Another Of The Many Tombs Inside The Cathedral

The Cathedral was the burial place of the nobility, the important, the rich, and the saints.  St Anthony, Patron Saint of Lisbon, was also believed to have been buried in the Cathedral. Many of the tombs were destroyed during the many earthquakes.

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Gothic Arches Spread Out Encompassing The Tall Vaulted Ceilings  

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Tall Gothic Windows Look Out Over The Tagus River In Lisbon Portugal


Large Phoenician Archaeological Dig In The Lisbon Cathedral in Portugal

A large excavation was began in 1990 reveling many pieces of pottery from dating back to the 6th -14th Centuries. A lot of Phoenician, Roman, and Moorish ceramics and pottery have been found and identified. As they have begun to dig deeper, an earlier mosque was discovered.


A Time To Pray

The Cathedral is a Roman Catholic House of prayer.  Special remembrance for a deceased relative or an intention of special importance can be purchased. This insures that your prayer will be remembered by the spiritual leader in charge.

Exploring Sé de Lisboa Cathedral In Lisbon Portugal should be a major destination on any Lisbon adventure.  There is so much history within this monument. It is ornately beautiful and several hours will be needed to discover all there is to see.


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