Falcons At The San Diego Wildlife Safari

Discover Falcons at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, California. Discover the amazing world of the Falcon. This astonishing wildlife preserve is part of the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park. With over 1800 acres of wildlife preserve, the 3,500 plus animals that call it home have room to roam in large enclousures. Many are able to roam freely and mix among the other species. There are over 300 species of animals represented in the park, as well as an amazing botanical garden.

The Aplomado Falcon is one of hundreds of birds that call the wildlife preserve their home. The Aplomado Falcon once freely soared across the northern Mexico and southwestern deserts of the United Sates. Now these endangered birds are part of a San Diego Zoos protection program for Falcons. Today, the zoos who protect them, may be their last hope for survival. These endangered birds of prey are beautiful and are waiting to be discovered at the San Diego Safari Park. You will find them in the Condor Ridge exhibit.

The Northern Aplomado Falcon once lived throughout the Southwest US and Northern Mexico. This was once a very dynamic wildlife area. In the early 1900’s it was not uncommon to see these beautiful birds of prey. But by the 1930’s people began to build homes and the grasslands and savannas disappeared. Farms and towns grew and the birds had lost their home. The dynamic Aplomado Falcon disappeared.

Are you looking for adventure that is unique and amazing? Discover the Birds of Prey Exhibit. These magnificent raptors soar above the the highest trees. What makes a bird, a bird of prey? A bird that hunts and eats the meat he finds is called a raptor. They have huge talons to catch their food, and then they use their strong beaks to tear the food into smaller pieces.

Watch as the Falcons soar in the San Diego skies. See all the birds of prey while visiting the zoo. Take time to watch the bird shows like the “The art of Sky Falconry.” Learn how the falcons soar in the different Birds of Prey Shows that are shown at the Exibit. See Falcons, Hawks, Eagles, and Owls master the skies and the animals below. Watch them as they feed upon reptiles and unsuspecting small animals who unwillingly become a raptors next meal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJxjgFQNPJg

The San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research is an extremly large zoo based research center. It is one of the largest programs in the world. The center is devoted to preserving and protecting those birds and animals that are endangered. A trip to the San Diego Safari is to visit with those animals that are rarely seen in the wild. What an amazing adventure, and it is all in your own back yard!








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