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Fishing The Galilean Sea


Fishing The Galilean Sea

Fishing the Galilean Sea, is one of the oldest occupations in Israel. Fishing the Galilean Sea over the last few Centuries has changed little. There are twenty-four species of fish found in the Sea of Galilee.  Three of these species  are not found elsewhere, except in the tropical Nile River. Fishing the Galilean Sea was extremely important 2000 years ago. It continues to be important to this very day.

The Musht is one of the most important fish in the Galilean Sea.  At the time Jesus walked this earth, fishing for the Musht was extremely popular. It was an important fish! It is still a fish of major importance. The Musht is and was one of the most popular fish. Fishing the Galilean Sea revolved around the Musht then and still does today. It is an easy fish to eat. It has a flat shape and the spine is easy to remove. It has both fins and scales. It is considered a clean fish to the Jews. All these facts, make the Musht a popular fish for today.

Another fish that is important today is the Biny Fish. Back in Bible times, this fish was often used as the main dish for the Sabbath Feast. This is another fish with fins and scales It is a clean fish to the Jews. This is a popular fish today and fishing for this unusual fish is of major importance in the Galilean Sea. This is the only fish in the sea that has whiskers hanging down on each side of its mouth. This is a hardy fish. Fishing the Galilean Sea for the Biny Fish is best in areas where there are schools of Sardines. The Biny Fish are predators to these small fish, and frequent areas where there are large numbers of Sardines.

The third most important fish in the Galilean Sea is the Sardine. It is the smallest of those fish that are harvested commercially. It is often called “small fish.” Religious scholars seem to think that these “small fish” are most likely the fish talked about in Matthew. 15:34, Mark 8:7, and John 6:9. This is where  we see the account of  a miraculous feedings of multitudes of people.

These small Sardines are liked the world over. They are exported all over the world. There are few countries that do not eat these “small fish.”

Fishing the Galilean Sea is magnificent. It is the livelihood of many of the local people. Fishing the Galilean Sea is a way of life. It has provided well for the people who live around the Sea of Galilee for centuries. Fishing is a gift to the people!  Fishing is calming! It is profitable! It is usually easy to set your nets in the Galilean Sea. After they are set, you sit back and relax and wait. Many of the more famous fisherman, labored on this amazing sea. This was the sea spoke of in the New Testament. Simon Peter, a fisherman, was the first disciple of Jesus.

The Sea of Galilee at sunset is amazing! Some of the most amazing sunsets are seen from her shores. Adventure is everywhere! Life on the Galilean Sea is simple. Everyday revolves around the sea. Fishing the Galilean Sea is amazing!  They are an abundant resource. Sunsets are a treat!  So come, and join our team, on the banks of the Galilean Sea.