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Formosan Rock ‪‎Monkey‬ Adventure

Taiwan's Formosan Rock ‪#‎Macaque‬ are the only monkey native to ‪#‎Taiwan‬

Formosan Rock ‪‎Monkey Adventure

Formosan Rock ‪‎Monkey Adventure has arrived! The place is Taiwan! The time is now! Come along with our team and explore the world of the Formosan Rock ‪‎Monkey! This little fellow, with such a big name, is Taiwan’s only native monkey. What a unique honor! Besides humans, the Formosan Rock ‪‎Monkey is the only native primate living on this beautiful island. This little money, with a long tail, and a brownish grey color, has the most amazing cheeks. Look at those little pouches! What are these strange cheeks for? Why they are food storage, of course! Work hard today, store your food wisely, and you will not go hungry tomorrow. What a wise little monkey!

This little monkey with his built-in food storage is extremely smart and resourceful. The Formosan Rock ‪‎Monkey has a custom-made pouch allowing him to grab his food and run! These specialized storage cheeks allow him to venture into strange places. He can then grab his food and “boggy on out of Dodge”! Watch as he takes his morsels back to the safety of the jungle canopy or a tall cliff. There he can get his bearings, gather his food, and safely enjoy. What a smart little money!

The Formosan Rock ‪‎Monkey lives in the beautiful Hardwood  Temperate Forest of Taiwan! He also likes the Bamboo Forests and the grasslands of the island. Nature has provided him with a million dollar home. These are some of the most fantastic hardwoods in the world. Imagine calling them home! As an added bonus, this pesky little money pays no rent for his 5 star accommodations! From the safety of the canopy of these tall trees, he can safely eat his bounty, and relax from a hard days work. Now that must be a home with a view!

The Formosan Rock ‪‎Monkey spends most of his time in these trees that he calls home. Only when out foraging in the grasslands do you see him on the ground. His diet consists of fruits, tender leaves and he loves his bamboo. He also enjoys flower buds, insects, and snails.  For desert, he loves bird eggs. It is in situations like this, that he puts his stolen eggs in his pouch and takes off for the forest. An angry mama bird is not a pleasant companion. The bigger the bird, the faster he must travel. No time to enjoy his bounty yet! He is a wanted monkey, on the run!

The Formosan Rock ‪‎Monkey enjoys the cliffs at the edge of the island. This little fellow in the photo was enjoying the ocean view from the safety of the tall cliffs. When our team photographer sought to get his photo, he tried his best to commandeer him a professional camera. With wisdom and skill, she gave him a banana for his efforts. After all, a workman is worth his hire! He displayed a lot of cunning skill, as he sought his bounty. Who could not give him something for his efforts?

If you are looking for some island adventure, check out the tropical forests of Taiwan. It is there you will find this cute little monkey. With his amazing personality, who knows what you may see. Your monkey adventure is new every day. So grab your passport and head on over to Taiwan. There you will find 5 star adventure!