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Taiwan Rock Monkeys of Formosa Island

WildFormosanrockmonkeysofTaiwan   Howmanydoyousee?
Wild Formosan rock monkeys of Taiwan— How many do you see?

Taiwan Monkeys of Formosa Live In A Protected Habitat

Taiwan Monkeys (Taiwan’s Formosan Rock Monkeys) are the only monkey native to Taiwan. Taiwan’s Formosan Rock Monkeys are also known as Formosan Rock Macaque and Taiwanese Macaque. They live in the mountainous regions of northeastern and southwestern Taiwan. At one time it is believed that they may have lived nearer the sea coast. They likely were pushed back into the hills due to lack of vegetation and increased human activity. At times they can still be seen near the sea coast of Taiwan. They are generally found between 300 and 12,000 feet. They primarily prefer areas of mixed hardwood forests as well as bamboo and grasslands.

Some of the 22 known species of Macaques lack tails and they are often referred to as apes. These are true monkeys and have no relationship to the true apes. Taiwan’s Formosan Rock Monkeys generally are around 22-24 inches long and have moderately long tails of 17-18 inches. Taiwan’s Formosan Rock Monkey is brown or gray in color. One of the unique features of this monkey is the special pouches found in the cheeks. These pouches allow them to look for food and hoard it in their cheeks until they have returned to a safe location.

Taiwan Monkey Lifestyle and Interaction

Taiwan’s Monkeys have a very complex social chain and hierarchy. When a monkey of a lower level in this social structure has eaten berries or other morsels of food, they are stored in the pouch. If there are none left for a higher level monkey, then he may remove the berries from the lower level monkey’s pouch.

Formosan Rock Monkeys give birth to only one offspring per pregnancy. The gestation period is generally around 165 days. The Formosan Rock Monkey mates during the winter and gives birth in late spring or early summer. The younger females give birth every other year. The older females, those over the age of 9, give birth yearly. Most of the Formosan Rock Monkey’s nurse their offspring for approximately one year. The offspring usually are independent by the second year. Often permanent relationships are seen between the offspring and their mother.

Taiwan Monkeys (Formosa Rock Monkeys) are native to Taiwan. One of the most famous places to see this pesky monkey in his natural habitat is Shoushan National Nature Park in Kaohsiung. Below please find a link to the web site offering more information and travel guidelines. This web site is in Chinese with an English option at the top. Click on the word English and it will take you to the English version. the day, or take a half-day tour, but enjoy the warm welcome you will get from the Taiwan Monkeys of Formosa.

Taiwan Monkeys

Taiwan’s Formosan Rock Monkeys