Fountain Of Elisha In Jericho

Foutain of Elisha

Fountain Of Elisha In Jericho

The fountain of Elisha, an oasis in the midst of old Jericho, is beautiful and clear. As you near the spring, you notice it teeming with fish. This is where an immense volume of clear warm water flows. It is shaded by an ancient lone fig tree. In other places you will see small waterways where the local people direct the water. In this way the crops are watered to this day. In the above photo, we see this spring where it exits the ground at the pumping station. The pumping station protects this ancient flowing spring. It pumps fresh, clean water into modern Jericho. The fountain of Elisha is still sweet! You can see how crystal clear it is! These magnificent areas are located in Jericho, a city of palm trees from ancient times (Deuteronomy 34:3).

In ancient times, we can read where the water of Jericho was not always so fine and pure. There was a time when it was bad and would not even support crops. The men of the city went to the Prophet Elisha for help.  The prophet asked the men for a jar. He then told the men of the city to put salt in it. He threw salt in the waters and they were purified (2 Kings 2:19-22). This area became known as the fountain of Elisha. The people of Jericho attest that the water has remained sweet and pure to this very day. For sure, it is the best tasting water I have ever had. It is amazing! It is crystal clear! It is delicious!

Between the area of the fountain of Elisha and modern day Jericho is three or four acres of land owned by the Russians. It is here that they have their  convent and a school. It is also an area where they have cultivated the land. This is an amazing land and almost anything grows in Jericho. What a wealth of vegetation! It gives you an open window into the past. Can you imagine what it must of looked like in ancient times? The fountain of Elisha provides the water. It is still sweet! It is still pure! The fountain of Elisha is an oasis in the midst of the desert!


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