Friends Gathering Together With A Coke


Friends Gathering Together With A Coke

Friends, those special people you like to spend time with, are priceless when they gather. In Taiwan, as in the world at large, friends gather around the table for good conversation and a coke. What is the magic of the coke? Whether the name is written in English, Chinese, or Spanish, it is the gathering that matters. It is the gathering that makes the time special! It is the coke that adds the magic! The coke is the glue the world over, that brings friends together, that helps make the time special. In Taiwan, a coke and a friend and you have a perfect day!

Quickly Coke has become a universal drink? You may not be able to read the name on the bottle, but you can always pick it out on the shelf! That unique bottle, with the perfect curves, is over 100 years old. That’s right, in 2015, this American icon, became a Centenarian. During the second World War, coke went to war with the troops. Just think, there was a guaranteed price ceiling…..all bottles of coke were 5 Cents, wherever the boys went.

Throughout the last hundred years, pictures have emerged that show friends gathering around the table, at the park, on the steps, at the beach,,,,,,and the coca-colonization of the world began. Over the years the drink itself has changed. In the beginning it had traces of cocaine, from the coca leaves….by 1929 it was cocaine free! It it that shapely bottle that has survived over 100 years and is officially in every country in the world except for Cuba and North Korea. How amazing is that?

Wherever friends gather together, you will find the unique bottle, with the perfect curves. Morning, noon, or night…anytime is a Coke time! Share a Coke! Share a moment! Share a friend!

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