Hakka Aborigine Food Culture


Taiwanese Hakka Food Culture

Taiwanese Hakka of Northern Taiwan have one of the riches food cultures on the island. Taiwan is famous for it’s extraordinary Market snacks. The many original delicacies found throughout the island has made the Night Market a famous place to eat. But from the kitchens of the Hakka Aborigines is emerging a whole new cuisine. Hakka cuisine comes from a small group of Aborigines making up little more than ten percent of the population of Taiwan.  From the Hakka of Northern Taiwan is coming a whole new kind of cooking.  The treats of the Hakka are new, different, and delicious. There is a whole new cuisine emerging into the culture of snacks in Taiwan. Get ready for a Hakka adventure! Get ready to snack at the Night Market.

The Hakka are quickly becoming known for it’s many textures used in their cooking. The texture of the food is of major importance. They also like to add strong and aromatic ingredients. They have a love for fragrant herbs and specialty flowers.  These local flowers add fragrance, color, and subtle flavors to their cooking. Hakka cuisine is outwardly simple! It is incredibly delicious. Hakka creations are quickly taking a major spot at the Night Market. They are simple! They are original! They are delicious!

One of the market favorites is a simple Chicken soup. It is prepared in a rich chicken broth. Added into the broth are bites of tender chicken and pork. Plenty of bamboo shoots and seaweed make their way into this ingenious soup. It is a simple soup. It is warming on a cold winter’s day. It warms the body! It refreshes the soul! You often see tender breaded tofu cubes close by. Simple and fabulous, many like to add these tofu cubes to the soup. Some prefer to eat tofu cubes along with their soup. Whichever way you prefer, cubes of tofu are powerful when paired with the Hakka Chicken Soup. What a simple and delicious Night Market snack.

Chicken Soup is just one of the many soups and snacks coming from the Hakka Kitchens. Get ready to explore the Night Market. Make this the night you discover Hakka delicacies. The snacks are delicious! The soups are amazing! Adventure is waiting!  The Hakka Aborigines are at the market, and waiting to serve you!



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