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Highway 11: Taitung To Hualien, Taiwan

 Highway 11 is a beautiful stretch of coastal road that runs between Taitung and Hualien in Taiwan

Highway 11 is a beautiful stretch of coastal road that runs between Taitung and Hualien in Taiwan

Highway 11: Taitung To Hualien, Taiwan

Highway 11, from Taitung to Hualien is a dreamers paradise. How can you even dream up such a beautiful and unspoiled drive? The natural beauty is unsurpassed. The uniqueness of this stretch of Highway is amazing.

Just north of Taitung on Highway 11  is a small town called Dulan. Dulan is full of surprises. If you want to discover Taiwan’s East Coast, then a stop in Dulan is a must. This small sleepy village is home to the Ami. The Ami is Taiwan’s largest Aboriginal Tribe. This is a fun place! The tribe is friendly and the village is filled with artistic opportunities and musical venues. Dulan is nestled between the tall Central Mountain Range and sea along Highway 11. Dulan boasts an awesome coastline and spectacular coastal views. It has some of the most amazing and beautiful pebble beaches in Taiwan.  Dulan is a thriving hub of artists. There are art exhibits galore, art museums, and fabulous art shows. Saturday nights bring creative and live Aboriginal Festivals. Dulan is a must-see on any trip up Highway 11. In Dulan, you will find nature, native art, Aboriginal music, beautiful beaches, and Taiwanese Aboriginal Culture. All of this just off Highway 11.

Another area of interest in Dulan is the Old Sugar Factory. If you are into live music, Taiwanese and English, then you will love Saturday nights at the Old Sugar Factory. It draws people from all over the island every weekend. It is also a major draw among young tourists. Sunday morning you can wake up and spend the day at the beach. Dulan beach has brown sand that is fine, silky,  and clean. The few waves are perfect for beginner surfers and bodyboarders. Taiwan is one of the few countries in the world that is not packed with humanity on the beaches. Rarely do you see a beach with more than a few people? If you like to relax in peace, then the beaches of Taiwan are calling. The beaches at Dulan are some of the nicest on the island.

Water Running Up is odd from a geological point of view. Water running up attracts hundreds of Taiwanese and  Chinese tourists each weekend. While some people do not find it interesting, many do. How many times do you see water flowing uphill?  This is a popular attraction with a walking path along the side of the canal. While many find it a waste of time, others are fascinated. You will find this oddity of nature just out of Dulan on Highway 11.

There are a lot of small cafes that serve snacks in Dulan. There is a small cafe near the sugar factory that many seem to like. There aren’t any large restaurants in Dulan. There are many really good places to eat fresh seafood in Chenggong. Chenggong is a few miles north on Highway 11. There you will have a selection of many fine eateries.

There are not too many places to stay in Dulan. There is one small gem hidden in the mountains just off the main road in town. Taitung Sea Art Hostel is a Bed and Breakfast with an artistic flare. It is a quaint Taiwanese style home.

Getting to Dulan could not be simpler. Take the train to Taitung and from the train station, there is a free shuttle bus to the Old Sugar Factory. Dulan is a small town and easy to get around in. From Dulan, you can take a bus to Hualien and then catch the train home. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to check out Taiwan’s East Coast and beautiful Highway 11.

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