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Historic Bell Tower in Balboa Park San Diego California USA

Historic Bell Tower in Balboa Park

  Historic Bell Tower in Balboa Park

Climb to the top of San Diego’s Historic Bell Tower in Balboa Park for a breathtaking view. The view of San Diego is utterly magnificent. It is as if you can see forever. The beautiful san Diego Bay with it’s deep blue water and white capped waves blend with the deep blue sky and fluffy white clouds. The city seems to go on forever with it’s many tall and spectacular skyscrapers. The green cars of the San Diego Zoo dance across the landscape. This is one of the most amazing views of San Diego! This spectacular and historic bell tower has been at the entrance of Balboa Park since it’s inception in 1915. It’s clear and beautiful bells ring out each quarter of an hour throughout the day and night. Since 1915, they have never ceased to keep the time in the park. The bell tower sits next to the California Building, where you will find much information on the anthropology of California. It climbs another 200 feet beyond the California Building into the beautiful San Diego sky. The historic bell tower is magnificent. Only recently has the bell tower been open to the public. It was closed to the public in 1935.

You may buy tickets either in person or online for the tour of the bell tower. There is a safety briefing 15 minutes before your scheduled tour time. If you are late for your briefing, you will not be allowed to go on your tour. Tickets are not refundable.

The tower is reached from the second floor of the museum. After entering the hidden staircase, you will climb seven floors. As you climb you will see little glimpses of heaven through the many narrow windows of the bell tower. On the seventh level, you will climb a metal winding staircase and emerge out into the California sunlight. What a magnificent view!

If you are looking for a local San Diego adventure, why not come on over to Balboa Park. Southern California is a play ground of Amusement Parks. But even in this priceless playground, it is wonderful to slow down and enjoy the beauty of San Diego’s famous Balboa Park. There is not only the Bell Tower, but the architecture of all the buildings are historic and amazing. The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are also in it’s own area of the park. There are several small museums and the famous Museum of Man, Balboa Park is fun for the whole family. Be sure to climb to the top of the Bell Tower, you can see forever! It is unique! The view……it is priceless!



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