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Vibrant Colors Of Hong Kong


Vibrant Colors Of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the land of Vibrant colors. Color is everywhere. It is a way of life. Even the modern skyscrapers get in the act at night, as beautiful glass skyscrapers light up with colors of red, green, blue, and gold. As Hong Kong gets ready for Lunar New Year, you will see red and gold everywhere. Vibrant colors are a way of life in Hong Kong. Older skyscrapers light up the day with blue and green. New skyscrapers tend to light up the night. Shops have brightly colored doors, and the bay lights up nightly. Hong Kong, is a world of vibrant colors.

If there was a color that made you think of Hong Kong, it would be red. Red is a symbol of prosperity, joy,  and happiness. Red and gold are the two most important colors for the celebration of Lunar New Year. Red is the color used for weddings. Just like the West uses white for their brides, so the Chinese use Red. Red is one of the vibrate colors of Hong Kong.

Another main color of use in Hong Kong is Gold. It is a symbol of nobility and wealth. Gold is the symbol of Spirituality or God conscience. It is the color of the medal, Gold. Gold and it’s cousin red, are stars during the time leading up to Lunar New Year. In the late 1980’s to mid-1990’s the color gold was over-used. There were gold balls, and gold lights and anything that could be painted was gold. Now gold is just one of several colors of Hong Kong.

Another special color of Hong Kong is blue. Blue is another one of the vibrate colors of Hong Kong. Blue symbolizes conserving or taking care of what we have. It is the color of healing. It is often used in homes for it’s relaxation and healing effects. Blue is the symbol of trust and calmness. It is the color of exploration. Finally, it is the symbol of immortality. The color blue is indeed another important color in the vibrate colors of Hong Kong.

The next major color in Hong Kong is green. Green symbolizes growing things. New life generates and  sprouts in the earth. Green is refreshing, calming, and healing. Green is the color of benevolence.

The color green has quite a history in Hong Kong. Hawkers paint their stalls all different shades of green. They range from apple green to larch green. A darker green is used on trams and the ferry boat system. Lighter green is used on walls on houses and apartments. It seems that the use of the color green goes all the way back to the time after World War II. Paint was scarce and the only colors available were white, red, and green. This started the use of green all across Hong Kong. Even today, green is a popular color.

On your next trip to Hong Kong, take time to admire the vibrate colors that make it special. Admire the buildings in the day and especially enjoy the colors of the night. Hong Kong is alive in color as the sun sets. New skyscrapers light up the business district, and on both sides of Victoria Bay are even more vibrate colors. Book your Hong Kong adventure today. It is time to explore the world of color……Hong Kong style.