Horse Trekking Taal Volcano Philippines

Horse trekking
Horse Trekking to the top of the active Taal Volcano in the Philippines

Horse Trekking Taal Volcano Philippines

Horse Trekking Taal Volcano is easy. It is first class adventure. No experience is necessary. Taal Volcano is South of Manila in the center of Taal Lake. It is the smallest active volcano in The Philippines. It has claimed close to 6,000 lives in recent time and still quite active. It is the charm of this little volcano, with its own caldera in the middle that draws thousands to visit. This is a good trail and many hike up the slope. For those who don't want to hike in the hot humid Filipino weather.....there is horse trekking. What a fun idea!

Taal Volcano has one of the most picturesque and charming views  in The Philippines. Even those who have seen it many times, can not help but to admire the view. It is always changing! It is one of a kind. It is awesome in the midst of the deep blue Lake Taal.

Why would you want to take the risk to climb an active volcano? There is something so special about this small volcano that causes many to climb to the ridge. At the ridge you can see Crater Lake. It is perhaps one of the most charming things you will ever do. Horse Trekking makes it even easier. It is truly first class adventure, Philippine style.

Once you reach Volcano Island, you will need to register for the hike. The cost of hiking is about 50 pesos. For those who want to try horse trekking, the cost is 500-600 pesos. Those who choose to hike, say they get a better view of the island as they ascend the volcano. However, it is worth noting that slow-moving horses give plenty of time to admire the beauty the area as you pass. Horse trekking is amazing! You can enjoy the view! Take pictures and admire this small very active volcano.

One of the amazing things you will see at the beginning of the trip are the small houses and farms.  It is forbidden to reside on the island, as it is a permanent danger zone. Many have ignored these warnings and risk their lives daily to farm and fish this rich area. The rich volcanic soil makes the growing of most anything profitable.

It is recommended that you wear a face mask on the accent, as the strong sulfur fumes can be problematic for many. You will see many vents with steam and sulfur coming out into the air. There is no doubt that this is an active volcano. She is ready to blow at a moments notice. Until then, her charm is like a magnet for many. It is wise to bring a change of clothes, water, and snacks for the trip. There is a vender at the top of the climb for those who prefer not to pack in their own supplies and then pack out the trash.

As you plan your next Philippine vacation, make sure to allow a day at Volcano Island. Experience the amazing adventure of horse trekking. Horse trekking is fun for all ages. What are you waiting for? Join the adventure today!


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