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Hsinchu City Taiwan

Hsinchu Taiwan By Bus photo


Welcome to Hsinchu City Taiwan, “the city of New Bamboo”. Cooling breezes coming off the Strait of Taiwan keep the windy city cool and pleasant most of the year. Hsinchu Taiwan is off the main tourist map making it a delightful discovery for the deserning traveler. Hsinchu City Taiwan is over 400 years old and is the oldest city in Northern Taiwan. Chuchang, as it was originally called, was named and inhabited by the Aboriginal Tribe of Taokas. Today, only a small group identify as ethnic Taokas. Most of those who identify as Taokas live around the city of Puli in central Taiwan. The name of the city was changed to Hsinchu during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. Because of it’s rich history, Hsinchu City Taiwan is the perfect home base when visiting northern Taiwan. Those who desire to know and understand the dynasties that ruled the island will find many museums and national historical sites throughout the City of Hsinchu.

Public transportation in the city of Hsinchu is efficient and regular. Buses and scooters are the primary means of getting around Hsinchu. Bright and colorful buses have regular routes throughout the city and the surrounding area. Most of the major tourist sites can be reached by the How-Tai Bus Company . The buses run frequently and are the easiest and most economical way to enjoy the city.

Eighteen Peaks Mountain is a delightful park and dates back to the Japanese Colonial Times. The park is a thick forest that has 18 mountain peaks. Wide paved paths make walking easy and the park is a favorite recreational spot. Take a deep breath and smell the fragrance of the many flowers and shrubs. The east entrance is best reached by buses 1, 1A, 2, 5 or 31. Route 20 will take you to the western entrance of the park.

Hsinchu Botanical Garden has over 300 species of plants. Enjoy discovering the many plants of Taiwan and the secrets that surround them. Learn about the Acacia, the eucalyptus, and the Ceylon olive and their many uses. As a bonus, the Hsinchu Zoo is a 5 minute walk from the garden entrance. This area can be accessed by most of the buses of the city. A short walk takes you to the City God Temple, one of the famous temples in the city. The East Gate Historical Site is also in this area. Constructed from granite with a magnificent arch entrance, this historical wall dates back to the time of the later Qing Dynasty.

These are just a few of the fantastic sites in Hsinchu City Taiwan. Check out the links at the bottom of the page for areas of interest and local accommodations. Discover the many eateries and restaurants that call Hsinchu City Taiwan  home. While there check out the fantastic buffet at the Ambassador Hotel. The variety is unbelievable and the food is some of the best on the island. Let this be the year that you discover the hidden gems of northern Taiwan.Hsinchu City Taiwan is fun, historical, and unique. Come explore with us, this year in Taiwan.