Hungry Monkeys Of Singapore


Hungry Monkeys Of Singapore

These hungry Monkeys are from Singapore. Is it not exciting to look at the different monkeys and compare their habits and features? Long-tailed macaques in Singapore often live close to human populations.  This is usually not an issue  due to the highly adaptable and extremely friendly nature of this beautiful monkey. Most people are not upset and do not feel threatened by their presence. They consider them a fun animal.  However, we must remember that these mischievous moneys are wild animals. Stand back and give them their space. Do not feed them and avoid having plastic bags. Rats are wild animals. Do we play with them? Most of us do not. We stand back and hope they don’t come into the house.

Stand back and enjoy the moneys. Watch them as they play. The monkey is fun and adorable. Especially the babies. From a safe distance it is fun to photograph them as they play. They are awesome mothers and are fun to watch as they care for their young. Do not make the mistake of getting up close with a baby monkey. Every wild baby has a mother. It does not matter whether it be a bear cub, a lion cub, or a baby monkey. Never bother a mother’s baby.

These little and graceful monkeys swing through the undergrowth of the jungle with ease. They love the vines that go from tree to tree. They chatter and carry on. They are fun! They are mischievous! They are a delight to watch. Keep your cameras close to you and do not put down. Do not carry food around and avoid plastic bags, as they associate them with food. Keep a safe distance and allow them to perform their best tricks for you. This is their world. Watch from a safe distance and enjoy the antics of these fun-loving creatures.

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